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Travel is my passion and I would love to share it with you!

Traveling together is a wonderful way to expand our awareness, create new friendships, and discover more about ourselves and other cultures.  Plus, it's FUN!

  July 15-20, 2018 


This will be my 7th time to Bimini. I just HAVE to go back every year!  It's such a privilege to swim with the dolphins in the wild.  They are NOT penned up or trained to come and play with us, but that is exactly what they do!  It's such an honor and thrill when a dolphin swims alongside you,  looks you in the eye, and  interacts with you!  No touching allowed, but they often get VERY close!!  WOWWEEE!!!

We welcome singles, solo travelers, girlfriends, parents with teenagers, sisters, brothers, couples and family members to enjoy this magnificent experience together!!

Roommates are assigned first-come, first-served. OR you can get a single room.  We also have life-vests available if you're not a strong swimmer.  

Thanks to Bonnie Card Weingarth of Golden Dolphins Media Productions for this 3 minute video about the Bimini dolphin experience   

And watch this great slideshow of our 2012 Bimini Trip!!

I  love being in the warm gorgeous turquoise waters and exploring the laid-back island of Bimini  It's super casual, and you hardly need to pack more that a swimming suit, a couple of shorts and tee-shirts, and maybe a sun dress!  Now, I call that a vacation!!! 

We will be with the Atlantic spotted dolphins, who are very friendly. Dolphins are very intuitive and telepathic.  They use clicks and whistles, scan us with their sonar, and project us with a frequency which releases endorphins in the human brain.  They seem to know just what kind of healing we need.  

Edgar Cayce said that Bimini is the mountain top of ancient Atlantis and predicted that "It will be discovered that there are healing powers in the waters off the coast of Bimini."  HOW COOL!!   
Bimini is a perfect place to go and really CHILL OUT.  I hope you can join us for lots of fun, excitement, discovery and relaxation.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Susan Duval 215-348-5755

If you love dolphins, if you dream of being with dolphins, and  if swimming with dolphins in the open sea would thrill you beyond belief, then please join us for a wild dolphin retreat.

Dolphins are Magical creatures who open our hearts and have the power to heal our Spirits.  The Bimini dolphins are a wise pod who have been interacting with us humans for many years.

To spend time with these exquisite creatures in the wild is to set your spirit free! Experience the human/ dolphin "connection of consciousness" on this wild dolphin swim & wellness retreat. Our main facilitators will be the dolphins themselves as they open people’s hearts and connect us on a very deep level to our own divine essence. After the dolphins have worked their magic on us we'll share fun and enlightening group experiences and discussions.

                     THE PRISTINE ISLAND OF BIMINI

Bimini is a small island, only a couple of miles long and a few hundred yards wide, 50 miles off the east coast of Florida. No buildings higher than a palm tree, there are golf carts but no golf course and the main drag is a 2 lane road called the King and Queen's highway.

There are no shopping malls and the locals are low-key, friendly and always smiling.
   It's very safe and welcoming.

Bimini is the ideal setting for a true vacation. Morning are spent exploring the island and relaxing at the beach. Afternoons are ouf on the water where we thrill to the magic of the spotted dolphins showing up to swim and play with us. The waters surrounding Bimini are stunning shades of every blue imaginable and crystal clear with underwater visibility often 100 feet.

We'll also have time to snorkel some beautiful reefs with colorful fish and other marine life and also visit the mysterious underwater stone Bimini Road. Legend says that the Bimini Road leads to the lost city of Atlantis and the energy here is quite powerful.  See this great 5 minute video about what Edgar Cayce had to say about Atlantis and Bimini!  //

There are other fun things to do in your free time like visit the Healing Hole,  do some shopping and meet the locals at the straw market,  or visit the unique and magical "Dolphin House"!

You can also simply kick back and relax on white sand beaches or search for beautiful conch shells.

But the highlight is being out on our chartered boat and playing with the dolphins! The dolphins are wise teachers and take us back to that place of joy, freedom and an open heart filled with love. Spending time with them will change you on a deep and personal level and the island of Bimini will soothe and refresh your soul to the very core of your being!

                             RETREAT ITINERARY

Saturday, July 14
If you would like to get an early start, depart from your home city and fly to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  We suggest lodging at the Courtyard Marriott Airport, which has a pool, dining area, bar, and  a free shuttle to and from the airport .Relax tonight.

Sunday, July 15     D included
Arrive in Ft Lauderdale airport and take the 3:55pm flight on Silver Airlines to Bimini. Upon arrival 30 minutes later, we'll take a short van ride and water taxi (SO COOL!!) to the Seacrest Hotel and Marina, where we will have our own private chef, dining room, and living area. 

We will get settled in our rooms and then we'll have a dolphin protocol orientation by Julie, our wonderful assistant.  We will select our fins, snorkels and masks.  Then, our private chef will prepare us a delicious dinner before we fall into a deep sleep!!

Monday-Thursday, July 16-19     B, L,D included 

We spend the next four days exploring the island in the mornings and playing off our boat in the afternoon with the dolphins and snorkeling. Our time with these wild dolphins is a gift from them and will evolve as they wish. This is an ecologically sensitive program that allows us to observe, interact with, and swim with these beautiful beings. The photo and video opportunities are absolutely outstanding. Our dolphin excursions take place each afternoon and trips can be anywhere from 3 to 4 hours in length. It takes approximately one hour to reach the dolphin grounds.

Please remember these are wild dolphins so encounters cannot be guaranteed. We are on the dolphin’s time schedule, so when or if they come to play with us is their decision. One of the powerful lessons they teach us is about letting go of control, relaxing and just being in the moment. Encounters can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as an hour and you might have multiple encounters in one afternoon. Those magical Bimini dolphins are full of surprises!

No trip to Bimini would be complete without snorkeling over Mysterious Bimini Road! A quarter-mile off Paradise Point lays an ancient, underwater road of stones that has baffled natives, mystics and scientists for generations. Some call it the Bimini Road or the Atlantis Wall and believe it may lead to the lost continent of Atlantis. It is quite a mystical experience and many say they can feel the energy that emanates from these huge underwater stones.

There will be time to explore the island, relax on the beach and of course do some shopping!
You may also choose from other optional island activities, bike rentals or golf carts, mangrove tours,  visiting the Healing Hole or the Fountain of Youth.

NEW in 2018!!  Our first day in BImini will also include a very special intimate encounter with the stingrays of Honeymoon Harbour.  Have no fear--they won't sting you!  They are very docile calm frlendly sea creatures who enjoy you touching them to feel their silvery smooth skin.  They hang out in this peaceful bay, and love taking fishy treats out of your hands.  You are sitting or standing in shallow water, and the stingrays come to you, swim around you, or just rest at your feet.  See this video

This tradition began years ago when the local fishermen stopped in the bay to clean their catch, and threw the discarded fish parts overboard.  Stingrays, being very smart wise creatures, quickly figured out that this was the place to be for dinner, and Honeymoon Harbour became they home base!  The stingray energy will help ground and center you emotionally before your first wild dolphin excursion.  you will have time to practice snorkeling in these crystal clear waters to get ready for the dolphins.

Friday, July 20     B included

After breakfast we leave for the Bimini airport for our flight back to Ft Lauderdale and our connecting flights home. We leave with our spirits renewed and our hearts full of dolphin love. New and lasting friendships have been made and you will find the dolphin energy and consciousness swimming in and out of your life forever! They truly are the Angels of the Sea!


Our boat captain, Al Sweeting and his wife, Kelly, our dolphin expert (photo below) who does research with the Dolphin Communication Project.  See this video of Kelly:

“I just would like to thank you all for the GREAT time we had in Bimini.  This was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever been on. Being around the dolphins was magical.  They are amazing!  It was so exciting to be able to experience this. I think we were an exceptional group!  Thank you for the connections we all had, the laughs and great adventures.  We have all been touched by the “Right Hand of God” now!  Hopefully we will all meet again. Susan, thank you for all of the planning and coordinating of such an incredible trip.  You do a great job!” Stephanie Griess, Chesterbrook PA

“When I booked this trip, it was because I was trying to heal after a very hard period in my life. I had searched online to find a dolphin retreat, and luckily, found this one. I have always loved dolphins, turquoise waters, and this seemed perfect.

Little did I know what I was in for! Bimini is an amazing and magical place. The locals are friendly and gentle, the water is beautiful, and there is so much to do there. The dolphins are gentle, kind animals that graced us with their presence time after time. I spent as much time as possible in the water with them, and it was never enough.

The staff on this trip became like family. They were pleasant and personable. Not at all like a commercial trip. And the added bonus? The people in our group were an amazing bunch. I have learned so much-about Bimini, the dolphins, and a wide variety of things from my fellow group members. My only regret is that our magical trip passed by so quickly.I highly recommend this dolphin retreat, and would like to repeat this journey again soon!”  Laurence Chriqui, Montreal CA

“Swimming with wild dolphins is an incredible experience.  A true lesson in joy.  Sharing this experience in community with like-minded travelers intensifies it.  The expertise of the Dolphin Communication Project personnel gave us a very intimate connection with each individual dolphin. Even though Id done 6 other dolphin trips, I learned more from this trip than I'd learned in all my reading and from other tour guides. It gave me a much deeper appreciation for dolphins  and such a high respect for their mission of relating to us, as we were their guests in the ocean.  It touched me.

What an incredible experience!  Floating in the clear, warm waters of Bimini surrounded by a pod of 25 wild dolphins is pure joy.  Excellent meals shared with like-minded travelers and guided adventures and trips exploring the island enhanced this experience.  Having questions answered by Dolphin Communication Project educators was an additional bonus.  I guarantee you; there isn't anything else like this trip! A great trip brings joy to everyone as  witnessed by our spontaneous singing throughout the week.  That was just dolphin energy influencing us, don't you think?

Also, I appreciated the feeling of being cared for in a safe environment (on the boat, in the water, driving the golf carts, water taxi, all of it felt like just enough of an adventure but with you and Julie and Al & crew, it was such a supportive tour)   Thank you for that.  What a responsibility.  You were there for everyone.  Thanks Susan.”  Beth Cameron, Albuquerque NM

“Thank you again for facilitating such a wonderful experience and trip.  I absolutely loved it and being on the water everyday and not connected to the outside world was a blessing beyond imagination.  I still feel downloads from this trip and am sleeping so much and so deep, it is wonderful.  Had some wonderful insights and feel that Julie’s Reconnective energy treatment is still working on me, as well as the whole dolphin experience!”  Yvonne Van Eijk, Tulsa OK

                                                        WHAT IS COVERED
$2195 Trip fee INCLUDES:

  5 nights Sea Crest Hotel Bimini - double occupancy
All meals in Bimini -- Breakfast / lunch / dinner prepared by our own personal chef
  4 afternoon dolphin excursions 
1 morning stingray excursion

Snorkel equipment
Chartered boat  - snacks & water
A presentation by Dolphin Researcher, Kelly Sweeting of the "Dolphin Communication Project"
Half day golf cart rental to explore Bimini

Round trip airfare to Bimini (approx $575 from Philadelphia)

Transfer from Bimini airport to Seacrest Hotel ($7 each way)
Optional island activities, such as the Healing Hole
Gratuities to boat crew and hotel staff ($80-100)

                                                             REGISTER to save your space!

                                                        SAVE MONEY.  PAY BY CHECK  
Send your check to Susan Duval, 36 N. Church St, Doylestown PA 18901
                           Questions--call Susan at 215-348-5755 or email
                                   $500 Deposit by check. OR pay $520 here with a credit card.
                             $200 is refundable prior to May 1.  $1695 balance is due by  1, 2018                                                                       

                $350 for Single Supplement by check.  Or pay $362 here with a credit card.


                                                                                   Be here with us in Bimini !!

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