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                            Travel is the BEST education!

Traveling overseas with like minded individuals from all over the USA is such a gift!  Not only do we learn from each other, but we learn more about ourselves and our country.


 with Dana Micucci

  May 15-19, 2018

 Sueños Tulum Eco Mayan Resort, Tulum, Mexico

Dana Micucci is facilitating this Goddess Retreat in the beautiful setting of the Riviera Maya, near Cancun.  It will be a great time to pamper and nurture yourself, and enjoy the sisterhood of like-minded women.  Come with a friend, your mom, your daughter, your sister!!   

Dana, our wonderful retreat leader, is often compared to Marianne Williamson for her profound wisdom, knowledge, and articulate explanation of spiritual concepts and modalities.  We all love, admire and respect Dana, and I know you will too!

Dana is a transformational leader who is emerging as a powerful voice for the divine feminine consciousness in our time. Her latest book, the novel The Third Muse (currently being adapted for the screen), is a tribute to divine feminine power as embodied by Mary Magdalene, a featured goddess at this retreat! 

This journey is a great opportunity to spend time with Dana in an intimate, relaxed, supportive environment. Her sold-out retreats are always filled with a lot of life-changing Wisdom, Love, Inspiration, and JOY!  

Dana will also be available for private healing sessions in her room at Sueños Tulum during our free time--Soul Retrievals and Extractions, Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection. 

In addition to a deep immersion in the Goddess teachings and practices of the world's wisdom traditions, we will take exciting excursions to sacred Mayan temples, an exotic cenote, and a spectacular wildlife biosphere; snorkel with sea turtles; and relax at the beach (said to be one of the best beaches in the world!).  

In hip, tropical Tulum, we will also enjoy delicious meals at an array of international restaurants and lovely outdoor cafes with free time to shop at chic boutiques and indulge in Mayan spa treatments!  AHHHH!!!

Any questions, feel free to call me at 215-348-5755 or email me 


In the lush Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, the ancient Maya created one of the most advanced civilizations on Earth, rooted in an exquisite balance of earthly and cosmic feminine and masculine energies. Their sacred pyramids, temples, and cenotes (underground freshwater pools) mirror this balance with unparalleled mystical beauty.  

Tulum--a charming coastal town on the Yucatan's Riviera Maya, with dramatic Mayan cliff-side ruins and white sand beaches enveloping the clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean--is the perfect sensual setting for this women's retreat devoted to igniting and expanding our feminine power at this exciting time of Divine Feminine awakening.  

The goddess lives within all women, waiting to be acknowledged, nurtured, and unleashed with abandon, charting a new way forward on a New Earth anchored in abundance, harmony, beauty, wisdom, and love.

Women everywhere are awakening more to their divine power and truth, and we are being called to service as the way-showers and midwives of this evolutionary new paradigm. As we continue to heal ourselves, we heal the age-old feminine split between the sacred and the sensual and, ultimately, the collective wounding of the Divine Feminine throughout our matriarchal lineages and all timelines. 

On this retreat, we will surrender to, trust, allow, and receive the full blossoming of our Divine Feminine essence, while honoring and calling forth the Divine Masculine in balanced, sacred partnership both within and without. 

We will take an initiatory journey into the Rites of the Goddess with esoteric wisdom and practices, including ritual, ceremony, meditations, guided visualizations, energy activations, and more. 

We will work specifically with the energies of seven legendary goddesses from the world's wisdom traditions, who will assist us in embodying their Divine Feminine essence on our path to self-mastery, furthering activating seven transformational archetypes within us. 

These goddesses are

Gaia, the Mother

Mary Magdalene, the Lover

Isis, the Magician

Kuan Yin, the Healer

Athena, the Wisdom Warrior 

White Buffalo Calf Woman, the Visionary 

Shakti, the Mystic  

Other goddesses (including Inanna, Tara, Danu, Sekhmet, Hathor, Kali, Lakshmi, Ix-Chel, Shekinah, Aphrodite, Artemis) and their inspirational gifts will also be invoked.   

As a result, we will connect more deeply with our spiritual core, reclaim our passion and joy, access our hidden gifts and talents, gain more clarity about our soul's mission, develop unwavering trust in our inner wisdom and intuition, and cultivate vibrant health and well-being, while creating new models for sacred work and relationships, service and fulfillment.


Monday, May 14 

Shuttle from Cancun airport to Tulum on the Riviera Maya. Check-in at the lovely Sueños Tulum, an intimate, seaside eco-resort with a unique artistic flair inspired by Mayan culture. We have the entire resort to ourselves!

In addition to a bilingual staff, modern amenities include free wifi, AC, ceiling fans, ocean bar, lounge chairs, and a restaurant..

Be sure to see for stunning photos of this exclusive resort!

Unwind at the beach, warmed by the sunshine and lulled by the rolling waves, or wander through this charming, tropical beach town. Enjoy dinner at one of the many beautiful outdoor cafes and restaurants just steps away from the resort.  

Tuesday, May 15

Breakfast at Sueños Tulum's cozy outdoor dining area.

9 a.m.-12 p.m. Our retreat begins this morning in the thatched-roof palapa with award-winning author, speaker, and healing practitioner Dana Micucci. Introductions and a welcome talk by Dana, who will lead us in an opening ceremony to honor the goddesses. Then head to the beach for purification in the glistening turquoise waters of the Caribbean.  

12-1 p.m. Lunch at Sueños Tulum.

1:30-4:30 p.m. With esoteric teachings and practices, we begin working with the energies of seven legendary goddesses from the world's wisdom traditions to connect with their Divine Feminine essence, wisdom, and unique gifts. 

6-8 p.m. Welcome Dinner at Ana y Jose Hotel restaurant, an oasis of rustic elegance overlooking the beach (20-minute walk from Sueños Tulum, or take a taxi).

8:30 p.m. Return to Sueños Tulum for a mystical nighttime fire-pit gathering with Dana!

Wednesday, May 16

Breakfast at Sueños Tulum.  

8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Morning excursion to snorkel with enchanting deep-sea turtles, followed by a visit to the Sac Actun cenote (an underground freshwater pool connected to an extensive network of underground rivers) for a healing ritual in the primordial womb/waters of Mother Earth, grounding deeply into our bodies.

1:30-2:30 p.m. Lunch at a local café.

3-5:30 p.m. We continue to integrate the seven goddess archetypes, while clearing and releasing ancient/past/present non-beneficial patterns and energies to heal soul trauma throughout our matriarchal lineages/the collective feminine and more fully embody our Divine Feminine power.  

Evening on your own to dine at one of Tulum's many wonderful restaurants. 

Thursday, May 17

Breakfast at Sueños Tulum. With gratitude to Lionel Arnould for the photo below.

6:30 a.m.-10 a.m. Visit the nearby Tulum ruins, site of a Pre-Columbian Mayan walled city and one of the best preserved coastal Mayan sites. We will be there for sunrise!! Group meditation and initiation into ancient Mayan wisdom to balance our Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine aspects and advance our soul mission.

12-1 p.m. Lunch at Sueños Tulum.  

1:30-4:30 p.m. Continue working with the goddess energies to refine the sacred inner marriage and call in our sacred partners (if desired). Invoke additional goddesses and merge more fully with our personal goddess archetypes to master the art of surrender, open to receive life's bounty, and cultivate and sustain more joy.  Late afternoon to enjoy the beach. Dinner on your own.

 8:30 p.m. Nighttime fire-pit gathering with Dana for sharing and unexpected magic.


Friday, May 18 

Breakfast at Sueños Tulum.

7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Excursion to Chichen Itza (1.5 hours away), the Yucatan's most famous Mayan ceremonial center, with a vast temple complex, astronomical observatory, and the stunning Pyramid of Kukulkan, an ancient Mayan initiatory site. Sacred ceremony and Mayan teachings and practices to further anchor the divine feminine for personal and planetary ascension.  Free time to explore the ruins.  

We will have a late lunch at the Casa del Marquez restaurant in Valladolid for traditional local food on the way back from Chichen Itza

3:00 p.m. onward  Rest of the afternoon free to lounge on the beach, explore Tulum, or enjoy a massage at the Mayan Clay Spa just across the street from the resort. Dinner on your own.   


Saturday, May 19   

Breakfast at Sueños Tulum.  

9 a.m.-1 p.m. Excursion to Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

(3 miles away), a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its natural beauty and ecological diversity. Enjoy a nature tour of coastal wetlands and shimmering mangrove lagoons teeming with spectacular wildlife and exotic flora. 


1 p.m. onward.  Free time for lunch, the beach, spa treatments across the street at the Mayan Clay Spa, and shopping at Tulum's hip, charming boutiques (all within walking distance). 

 Note--an extended excursion to the Biosphere is possible from 7am-3pm. This includes going to specific areas in the lagoons by boat to spot wildlife, snorkeling at the barrier reef, and a special lunch of fresh ceviche, guacamole and beer!  A $90 supplement would be incurred.

7:00-9:00 p.m. Mexican Celebration Dinner at the lovely, intimate Encantada restaurant, one of Tulum's best. Local musicians will enhance our evening

9:00 p.m. Closing ceremony with Dana at the Sueños Tulum fire pit.   

Sunday, May 20   

Depart Tulum for the Cancun airport and flights back home, or extend your vacation on the Riviera Maya!  


Dana Micucci is an award-winning author, healer, and catalyst for self-mastery.  

Dana's latest book, the novel The Third Muse, is a metaphysical, time-travel mystery set in the international art world that celebrates the divine feminine wisdom of the Magdalene Order and the healing power of love. Her spiritual travel memoir Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman's Journey around the World and into Her Truth-a gold winner in the 2013 Nautilus Book Awards-was inspired by her travels to many of the world's most sacred sites. Both books offer a heart-centered message for our time.  

Dana has also enjoyed a decades-long career as a widely published journalist writing about culture, travel, and spirituality for The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Town & Country, Spirituality & Health, and other well-known publications.  

A dynamic speaker, and teacher and practitioner of ancient mystery-school wisdom, she conducts transformational talks, workshops, and retreats worldwide. She also has a private healing and mentoring practice rooted in her extensive shamanic training.  

Dana's work carries a multidimensional healing vibration that ignites deep shifts in consciousness, expanded awareness, and recognition of your soul's purpose. With grounded clarity and compassion, she assists you in accelerating a fearless journey to wholeness, joy, and fulfillment.  

Based in Taos, New Mexico, after many years in New York City, Dana continues to travel widely in sacred service as an ambassador of the New Earth consciousness


"Dana's retreat "Activating the Light Body" was one of the best, if not THE BEST retreat I've ever attended (and believe me I've been to many). Her knowledge of multiple traditions is vast, her explanations of energy flow and activations are relayed in a very simple, easy to understand and fun fashion. The meditations were powerful, and most people feeling immediate shifts.  It was a mini vacation with amazing teachings that will stay with me forever. Dana is someone who truly walks the walk, is full of joy, love and above all humility. Thank you :)"  Cathy NYC

 "I am still in awe after Dana's retreat in Wyoming. I feel more empowered and unstoppable now with the divine guidance and support I am receiving. I am more in the divine flow and have more clarity about my sacred mission. I've had so many synchronicities and confirmations since this retreat. My business has even improved!  I am so deeply grateful for the new space that Dana has opened for me."  Dr. Simona K., Chicago, IL  

 "Wow-thank you so much for the amazing Ascended Masters Retreat in the Tetons! Not only was it illuminating and insightful, it was so powerful and the setting magical!! Dana's healing session was the icing on the cake!  I am so grateful for the many gifts that keep showing up in my life. I feel more connected than ever and more joyful!!!  Kathleen K., Glen Flora, Texas

 "I am so very grateful to have participated in Dana's Ascended Masters retreat. I am realizing the enormity of the gifts I received and continue to receive through the channel of her Love, Light, Compassion, and Vision."  Margaret K., Philadelphia, PA

 "Dana, cannot thank you enough (nor quite find the words) to tell you how amazing, meaningful, and light-filled your retreat and teachings were."   CN

"Dana presented a lot of in-depth spiritual wisdom in an easy-to-understand, accessible way that was also fun.  I found it incredibly interesting, and it was great to be in such a supportive environment surrounded by the beauty of New Mexico.  It was a wonderful, perfect retreat and I thoroughly enjoyed every magical moment!"   La N., PA   

"Dana managed to achieve an exquisite balance of simplicity, profound depth of exploration, silence, laughter, and of course, Love.  It takes a special teacher and Muse to inspire this in others."  A. B., CT

"What an amazing workshop!!!  I felt altered for days afterward.  Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom.  I was captivated with your stories, tranced out with the exercises, and transformed as a result of being there.  It was so interesting, please come back!!!"  Leyla Pinarli, President, Onesource Document Mgmt Inc., Long Island, NY

 "Dana's workshop has brought an amazing transformation in my life.  It has helped me to connect peacefully within, enlightened my senses, and encouraged me to manifest my deepest desires." D. Bragg

"Dana's workshop was a dynamic experience, rich with ancient knowledge, personal wisdom, and techniques to activate the energy centers in the body and awaken the consciousness. I enjoyed sharing this unique experience in a group setting with other individuals dedicated to growth under Dana's guidance. She is an engaging storyteller and a skilled facilitator for group learning. She creates a beautiful example of someone bravely stepping into a new age with the ancient teachings as the wind at her back on a journey of discovery."   Martina Comstock, Filmmaker / Yoga Teacher

 "It was a truly an awesome blessed to meet such wonderful souls!  Dana and Susan, you are both amazing!"  Janet DiTroia, Warminster PA

What a great experience! Susan did everything possible to accommodate each person on the trip, no matter what the request. A great organizer and friend to everyone. Our group was lead by Dana who did a great job teaching, sharing her own experiences and helping us grow. The classes were well presented and compressed. It allowed us time to enjoy the spa facilities, too. I know I had an intense release and huge spiritual growth that brought me to tears. Such a blessing to be with this group. Everyone supported each other and celebrated each achievement. Thank you Susan for all you do with all your events. You've enriched my life by bringing wonderful people and places into my experience." Lisa J., PA

 "Your talk today was exceptional.  Most of us have experienced some of what you described, but you are so incredibly articulate, and are able to express feelings and ideas beautifully.  I am just in awe of what you have done, and feel so blessed that you have shared it all with us through your book and talks." Alison, Taos, NM

"Thank you for such a wonderful retreat and trip. I had a wonderful time! Words don't describe the retreat and how thoughtfully everything was handled. Great people, great teacher, deep results. Thanks for making this possible for me."  Marion F., Doylestown PA

"I loved meeting everyone and so enjoyed everything that we experienced together on the retreat.  A magical week!! Thanks for your expert planning and fun spirit! Until we meet again!!"  Ann B. in Illinois

"Susan Duval and Dana Micucci make a strong team able to lead participants through magical realms and reach new heights of spiritual growth. I highly recommend them for retreats, hikes, quests, and adventures of any kind! They pack so much into a few days that it takes awhile to process just how much you have received. Thanks again for the lovely time!"  Michelle, Colorado


The cost of the retreat is $1500


5 day Goddess conference

Excursions to snorkel with sea-turtles, Cenotes, Tulum Ruins, Chichen Itza, and the Sian Ka'an Biosphere.

Private drivers, vans and guides for all excursions.

Gratuities to drivers and guides. 

Does not include

Flights to and from Cancun ($480-600 from PHL nonstop)

Van service to / from airport and resort ($10-20 each way)

Lunches and dinners


A deposit of $300 is due by Feb 1.  Balance due April 1. 

If you cancel, $100 of your deposit is refundable prior to March 1. 

Pay less with a check! 

Mail $300 deposit to Susan Duval, 36 N Church St, Doylestown PA 18901.

Or pay $315 here with a credit card.


There are 13 lovely rooms available. We have reserved the ENTIRE resort for our group.  

 Internet, wifi, AC from 8pm-8am, toiletries, towels, maid service, modern amenities. 

You may book a room just for yourself OR share with a roommate.


1 Temple suite, Minibar and roof garden, 1 king + 2 single beds.  $585 per room 

5 Master suites, ocean view, top floor + balcony, king bed   $365 per room 

5 Junior suites, ocean view, 2nd floor + balcony, 1 queen and 1 double   $325 /rm 

3 Beach suites, garden view, ground floor, 1 queen and 1 double bed   $290 /rm  


Temple suite, with a 360 degree view of the ocean, jungle and lagoon.  Stone jacuzzi with hydromassage..  

Share with some friends!! 

If all 13 rooms are booked, we pay 10% less. 

If 3 people share a room, add $40 per night.

Breakfast is included for all guests.   Checks can be divided upon check-out.  

Room tax is 19%.  Add to room rate.  First come, first served for the rooms.  


Let Susan know by phone or email

Which kind of room do you prefer 

Do you want a single or double?

Do you want to be matched with a roommate?  



Fly from your home airport to Cancun. Email Susan with your flight details. She will arrange for a van to pick you up on May 14 and bring you to Sueños Tulum resort--and back again to the airport at the end of the trip on May 20.  

The ride is about 90 minutes. Depending on the number of people in the van, the cost each way is $10-$20. Please bring cash. US dollars accepted.


Dana will be conducting Healing Sessions in her room at Sueños Tulum during our free time at the retreat. Her sessions include the Reconnection, Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Soul Retrievals and Extractions, and Spiritual Counseling. Everyone RAVES about these sessions!!   

To schedule, call Dana at 575-758-8504 or email    

More details on Dana's website  

TESTIMONIALS for Healing Sessions with Dana 

 "I came to Dana at a crossroads in my career and personal life. During the first Reconnective Healing session, I felt very peaceful. The following sessions and The Reconnection blew me away.  It changed my thinking about how to attract what I want, which I learned can be done simply by changing my energy. I had three big manifestations after the healing sessions.

 "At one of the sessions, parts of my body even levitated!  I felt like I was floating for days afterwards. My energy had truly shifted into a more positive state, which I had not experienced for a long time. I feel that I connected directly to the power of Source, and my vibration has been altered."  VJ, New Mexico

"I was amazed at Dana's soul retrieval session. After her blessings and work, my body began to vibrate so strongly it felt as if I might come off the massage table. It was as if I was shivering intensely from the cold yet I wasn't cold. My body felt different after. A minor illness was gone when I woke the next day. The anxiety in my chest was gone. Dana discussed past experiences that gave perspective to some current issues I had been experiencing. I felt different, more confident in my connection to God. What an improvement she's made on my outlook on life. It's been a true blessing. Thank you, Dana, keep doing what you're doing. It's making a difference."  Lisa J., Pennsylvania


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