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                                Sacred Journeys to Power Spots!

Travel is the BEST education!  Until we have explored other countries, we cannot truly understand our own culture, ourselves and our world. When we discover other ways of life, we realize that we have more in common than not!

“Accelerate Your Self-Mastery” with Dana Micucci
July 27-29, 2018 
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Extend your trip to visit Yellowstone National Park


The Grand Tetons are my FAVORITE place in the world!  I worked there for 2 summers in 1976-77 and it was the best time of my life!!  This is my Sacred Place.  I am so excited to share it with you!  All 26 of us had a fantastic time on the 2016 trip!  Best to register now, even if you're not 100% sure yet that you can go!!!  xoxo Susan

Thursday, July 26
From Jackson Hole airport, enjoy a scenic 30 minute drive through Grand Teton National Park, where we’ll spend the next few days.

Check-in at the beautiful Jackson Lake Lodge, located on the shores of Jackson Lake with breathtaking views of the mountains.  Relax and settle in, breath the pure mountain air!!

Friday, July 27

9am-11:30am   After breakfast, we will meet at our conference room at Jackson Lake Lodge. Our retreat begins this morning with award-winning author and healing practitioner Dana Micucci.

After introductions and an opening ceremony, Dana will transmit the timeless esoteric teachings and practices of the Ascended Masters—higher beings of light who once walked the earth, mastered the lessons of life, and merged with their individualized, immortal God Presence.

11:30-1:30pm  Lunch at the 1950's diner-style Pioneer Grill, the elegant Mural Room our outside on the deck of the Blue Heron Lounge, where you can enjoy the magnificent view!  OR grab a sald or sandwich from the kiosk and have a picnic outdoors..

1:30-7pm p.m.: Carpool to Jenny Lake and take the ferry boat across for a 1 mile hike to Hidden Falls and up switchbacks to Inspiration Point to gain access to the etheric portal of the Royal Teton Retreat of the Ascended Masters.

We will connect with the Ascended Masters through meditations and guided visualizations to receive instruction and information pertinent to our soul’s journey.

7:30-9:30pm  Dinner at Signal Mountain Lodge.  Enjoy the lovely view and excellent cuisine, either indoors or out.

Return to Jackson Lake Lodge, and get a good night's sleep!

Saturday, July 28

8:30-11:30am:  After breakfast, we will meet again in our conference room.

Today, we continue with transformational teachings and practices from the Ascended Masters to accelerate our ascension in consciousness.

Guidelines for 5th-dimensional living.

11:30-1pm.  Lunch at Jackson Lake Lodge

1-5pm  Carpool to Moose, WY (30 minutes south) for a two-hour scenic raft float trip (mild water) on Snake River in view of the towering Tetons.  Glimpse a grizzly, moose, elk, and other wildlife in this pristine natural paradise.

6-8pm   Western-style dinner at Dornan’s, local restaurant in Moose. With it's famous tee-pee and family style home-cooked hearty meals, Dornans is a favorite dining spot for locals and tourists alike.

Sunday, July 29

8:30am.-1pm  Drive to Driggs, ID, to Table Mountain trailhead.  There will be a short flat walk to a secluded area in view of Table Mountain for energetic upgrades and activations as we connect with the Cave of Symbols, the etheric Table Mountain Retreat of Ascended Master Saint Germain. Closing ceremony.  

1-7:30pm  Afternoon free!  Stop in Victor Idaho for a huckleberry shake or have lunch at Nora’s Fish Creek Inn in Wilson WY or head to the famous Mangy Moose in Teton Village.

 Enjoy other scenic attractions in Grand Teton National Park, such as horseback riding and hiking the Hermitage Point Trail at Colter Bay, hiking around Phelps Lake or taking the free gondola at 4:30pm at Teton Village to the top of Jackson Hole ski area.  Enjoy the music, magnificent view, have a drink and snack. 

You might also enjoy visiting the ski town of Jackson Hole at Teton Village (be sure to have a drink at the famous Mangy Moose) or explore the wonderful town of Jackson with the renowned Millionaire Cowboy Bar (the bar seats are horse saddles!), Western shops and art galleries.

8-10pm   Celebration Dinner at the elegant Mural Room, Jackson Lake Lodge, with panoramic views of the Teton Range. 

Monday, July 30  Depart for home, or extend your stay in the Tetons and Yellowstone.


Grand Teton Mountain, in the majestic Teton Mountain Range of northwestern Wyoming, is the legendary Royal Teton Retreat of the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters.  

The largest Ascended Master retreat in North America, the Royal Teton Retreat releases the flame of divine illumination and the light of the divine mother to the planet. A key destination for spiritual seekers, this ancient physical/etheric retreat is a powerful vortex of light whose energies can greatly accelerate your ascension process.   

Our retreat will be an immersion into the timeless esoteric teachings and practices of the Ascended Masters—higher beings of light who once walked the earth, mastered the lessons of life, and merged with their individualized, immortal God Presence.

Serving as examples to all who aspire to higher consciousness, the Ascended Masters assist us in achieving our own self-mastery and guide the expansion of light on the planet.

The Ascended Masters with whom we will be working include Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Gautama Buddha, Saint Germain, Kuthumi, El Morya, Lord Lanto and Kuan Yin, among others. We will join with their essences and open to receive the information and energetic transmissions most appropriate to our soul’s evolution at this time. In the process, we will refine our connection to our own I AM Presence.  
As Mother Earth continues to shift to a higher frequency, we, too, are recalibrating at all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—to embody more of our true essence and power.  We have an enormous opportunity at this profoundly transformative juncture in earth’s history to realize ourselves as divine creator beings of infinite potential. 

At this retreat, we will learn how to raise and sustain our vibration as multi-dimensional masters in our own right through ritual, meditation, guided visualizations, invocations, and other experiential practices gifted to us by the Ascended Masters.  

As a result, we will gain more clarity about our soul’s mission and higher calling; reclaim our ancient gifts and talents; align more fully with the divine flow of abundance to create the outcomes we desire; operate more consistently from a place of deep gratitude, trust, and joy; and prepare for higher dimensional living on the New Earth.

We will expand our sacred service, living fully in and through our hearts, as we join together to anchor heaven on earth.     

DANA MICUCCI, Retreat Leader

A resident of Taos, New Mexico,  Dana Micucci has enjoyed a decades-long career as a journalist and author writing about culture, travel and spirituality.  

Her work has appeared in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Town & Country, Architectural Digest and many other well-known publications.  She is also trained in a variety of healing modalities and conducts transformational talks and workshops nationwide.

Marking the publication of Dana’s exquisite new novel The Third Muse—a metaphysical mystery inspired by Renaissance ideals and the divine feminine mystery teachings of the Magdalene Order—this retreat will include a special segment devoted to Ascended Master Mary Magdalene. From New York to Paris and Florence, The Third Muse is a blend of mystery, suspense, art-world intrigue, history, and spirituality.

You might also enjoy Dana's memoir, Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and into Her Truth in which she takes you to seven of the world’s most exotic, sacred destinations—from the Australian Outback to Angkor in Cambodia, Egypt, Tibet, the Yucatan, New Mexico and Peru—to explore their ancient mysteries and metaphysical teachings.

“Thanks so much, Susan, for putting this trip together! It was awesome! Such a beautiful and majestic place!  The rafting trip was the BEST!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the break from reality that I so needed! I came back refreshed, recharged and restored!”  Marianne H., King of Prussia, PA

“I enjoyed the experience greatly! It was all beyond words.  Thank you for your due diligence on so many important details. Awesome trip and connections!  Especially loved the program and meditative experiences.”  Deb S, Ridgefield CT

“Lisa and I had a wonderful trip with you and Dana.  We enjoyed connecting with so many like-minded people.  The location this year was remarkable, climbing up to Inspiration Point, the float trip, and the views complemented Dana’s teachings.  Such a great trip!”  Dee F, South Carolina

“I fully enjoyed Dana's Ascended Master retreat in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming!  Dana is an energetic, positive, and inspirational Light on the path of awakening at this time of transition. She encouraged us to embrace the 'master in the making' within ourselves. I look forward to attending another retreat with her next year.”  Ellen W., PA 

"Dana has a tremendous amount of light and knowledge and shows love for everyone.  I don't meet many people like her. She is present, sincere, and authentic. And she is devoted to the truth. My experience at her New Mexico retreat was very moving for both me and my daughter. I felt like I was on a cloud when I returned home."  Millie, P., New Hope, PA

"It was a truly an awesome blessed to meet such wonderful souls!  Dana and Susan, you are both amazing!" Janet DiTroia, Warminster PA
"New Mexico 2015. What a great experience! Susan did everything possible to accommodate each person on the trip, no matter what the request. A great organizer and friend to everyone. Our group was led by Dana who did a great job teaching, sharing her own experiences and helping us grow. The classes were well presented and compressed. It allowed us time to enjoy the spa facilities, too. I know I had an intense release and huge spiritual growth that brought me to tears. Such a blessing to be with this group. Everyone supported each other and celebrated each achievement. Thank you Susan for all you do with all your events. You've enriched my life by bringing wonderful people and places into my experience." Lisa J., PA

"Dana's retreat "Activating the Light Body" was one of the best, if not THE BEST retreat I've ever attended (and believe me I've been to many). Her knowledge of multiple traditions is vast, her explanations of energy flow and activations are relayed in a very simple, easy to understand and fun fashion. The meditations were powerful, and most people feeling immediate shifts.  Dana is someone who truly walks the walk, is full of joy, love and above all humility. Thank you :)"  Cathy NYC

"I really enjoyed the retreat...Dana has a great way of explaining other cultures, beliefs and meditations in a fun and easy way."  Yvonne, Ireland.

"Dana, cannot thank you enough (nor quite find the words) to tell you how amazing, meaningful, and light-filled your retreat and teachings were."   CN

"Dana presented a lot of in-depth spiritual wisdom in an easy-to-understand, accessible way that was also fun.  I found it incredibly interesting, and it was great to be in such a supportive environment... It was a wonderful, perfect retreat and I thoroughly enjoyed every magical moment!"   La N., PA   

"Dana managed to achieve an exquisite balance of simplicity, profound depth of exploration, silence, laughter, and of course, Love.  It takes a special teacher and Muse to inspire this in others."  A. B., CT

"What an amazing workshop!!!  I felt altered for days afterward.  Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom.  I was captivated with your stories, tranced out with the exercises, and transformed as a result of being there.  It was so interesting, please come back!!!"  Leyla Pinarli, President, Onesource Document Mgmt Inc., Long Island, NY

"Dana's workshop has brought an amazing transformation in my life.  It has helped me to connect peacefully within, enlightened my senses, and encouraged me to manifest my deepest desires." D. Bragg

"Dana's workshop was a dynamic experience, rich with ancient knowledge, personal wisdom, and techniques to activate the energy centers in the body and awaken the consciousness. I enjoyed sharing this unique experience in a group setting with other individuals dedicated to growth under Dana's guidance. She is an engaging storyteller and a skilled facilitator for group learning. She creates a beautiful example of someone bravely stepping into a new age with the ancient teachings as the wind at her back on a journey of discovery."   Martina Comstock, Filmmaker / Yoga Teacher

"Thank you for a most amazing journey today in Santa Fe.  I am so grateful to have been included in the group.  I can only say ... it was meant to be.  Thank you for sharing your many wisdoms with us!  It is my intention to incorporate the practices in my daily rituals."   Chris, Albuquerque, NM

"I feel somehow that I've been initiated into a new realm of supportive care.  The exercises you offered have become daily rituals and I feel more present from my core self."  Cynthia, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, CA

"Dana's travels have allowed her to mine the riches of a wide variety of sacred traditions.  In this workshop, she shares those transformative insights with energy, eloquence-and a joy that is truly infectious!"  Ann Bradley, Writer and Editor, New York, NY

"Your talk today was exceptional.  Most of us have experienced some of what you described, but you are so incredibly articulate, and are able to express feelings and ideas beautifully.  I am just in awe of what you have done, and feel so blessed that you have shared it all with us through your book and talks." Alison, Taos, NM  

The Retreat fee is $660.
$200 is non-refundable if you need to cancel. 

Fee includes Ascended Master Conference, ferry across Jenny Lake and Snake River Float trip.

Save money and pay by check.

$200 Deposit.  Balance of $460 due on Feb 1.
Send check payable to Susan Duval, 36 N. Church St, Doylestown PA 18901.
OR pay $210 with a credit card here.

 You may also pay in full now---
$660 by check to Susan Duval, 36 N. Church St, Doylestown PA 18901

 Prefer to use a credit card? Pay $686 here.


We have reserved a block of Classic Cottages at Jackson Lake Lodge.

Surrounded by pine tress, and just outside the main lodge, the cottages each have a little porch, a private bathroom, hair dryer, coffee maker and free WIFI.  Parking is conveniently located in front of your cottage.

There are several dining options at Jackson Lake Lodge--the diner-style Pioneer Grill, the elegant Mural Room, the trendy Blue Heron Lounge, and even a kiosk where you can grab snacks, sandwiches and salads to go.

2 Queen sized beds $328 plus tax and utility fees. Upon check out, the bill can be divided in half if you have a roommate. This comes out to $177 per night per person, if the room is shared.

To reserve your room, call Reservations at 307-543-3100 and say you are part of Susan Duval’s retreat for the nights of July 26, 27, 28, 29 to get one of our reserved cottages..

Your credit card will be charged for the first 2 nights, but if you have to cancel for any reason, there is only a $30 fee for cancelling within 72 hours of arrival.

If you really want to attend, but these room prices are too high for your budget, we suggest that you book a cabin at Colter Bay Village.  They sell out quickly, so don't delay.

Traveling solo?  The sooner you sign up, the best chance there is that I can match you up with a roommate.

Dana will be available on July 26, 29 and 30 for private healing sessions in her room.

Modalities include Shamanic Soul Retrievals and Extractions, Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection. Everyone LOVES their sessions with Dana!

Details on Dana's website  Contact Dana directly to set up an appointment   575--758-8504


 If you'd like, you may stay a few extra days to see more of the Grand Tetons --take a breakfast, lunch or dinner cruise from Colter Bay Marina, do some more hiking, have lunch at Jenny Lake Lodge, go to a ranch for horseback riding, take the gondola to the top of Teton Village, or visit Yellowstone National Park.

From Jackson Lake Lodge, it is 2 hours to Old Faithful Geyser.  The Lodge there is also an architectural marvel.  If you stay 2 nights at Old Faithful, you can see a lot!. Book your lodging early, as it sells out!  I highly recommend that you get on the roads EARLY in the morning to avoid crowds. For Yellowstone Lodging, see

There are many interesting sites in Yellowstone, such as the geysers, the magnificent Canyon and waterfalls, Mammoth Hot Springs and Lake Yellowstone..

Jackson Lake Lodge offers a 10 hour bus trip to Yellowstone for around $100.  For more info, call the Activites Desk at 307-543-3100. However, with a car, it's easy to find your way around.  There are a variety of lodging options at Old Faithful (the Sky Lodge is nice and mid-range pricing).


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