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Sometimes just one person can make all the difference in our lives!  My speakers tend to do that!

It is my honor and privilege to host the most wonderful speakers I can find!  Not only are they experts in their fields, but they are full of integrity and full of HEART!

2 very special events on October 16 and 17, 2015

Friday, October 16, 7-9pm

An Evening with Danielle and Dougall!!!

We had a fabulous time with Danielle and Dougall last November, so they asked to come back!  This is what one participant said--

"Friday night was spectacular and I just fell in love with Dougall and Danielle!!  I left there with such an open heart.  It was a fascinating evening and their readings were so amazing.  I was stunned at such accuracy.   I felt so much love in that room.”  C.K., Doylestown PA

Get ready to laugh, learn, open to intuition and grow! Join us for an evening of psychic fun with two of the top psychics in the USA, Danielle Mackinnon and Dougall Fraser. Random participants will receive tandem readings from Danielle and Dougall. Watch how two different styles blend effortlessly bringing accurate and insightful information.  Danielle is coming to us from Boston, and Dougall from California.  Join us for this rarely held EAST coast event with two renowned psychics! 

Danielle MacKinnon was born with “the gift.” After earning an MBA, Danielle worked in corporate America before devoting herself full-time to using her intuitive abilities to assist others.  Danielle is recognized as one of the country’s “Best Psychic Mediums” by psychic investigator Bob Olson, and as one of the “Top 100 Astrologers and Psychics in America” by Paulette Cooper.  As a psychic, intuitive, soul contract consultant, and animal communicator, Danielle has helped people and animals around the globe live better, happier, healthier lives. Her work has been featured on TV, radio, and in magazines throughout the USA.  Danielle is an esteemed faculty member at Omega Institute, LilyDale Assembly and Kripalu. Her book, Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance continues to assist thousands of people in breaking through their most difficult challenges.

See this video of Danielle --

Dougall Fraser gave his first reading at the age of 8 and was regularly counseling adults while still in grade school. By the time he was 14, Dougall began to better understand his abilities and how to best use them for the greater good. Based in Los Angeles, Dougall has maintained a professional practice as a psychic and “cosmic coach” for more than 15 years.  His international clientele ranges from  CEO’s and celebrities, to “normal” people!  He has been featured on The Dr. Phil Show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and Dancing with the Stars.  Recognized as a top psychic by Spin magazine and The New York Post, Dougall is the author of the bestselling book, But You Knew That Already: What a Psychic Can Teach You About Life.  Dougall counsels people all around the world, blending his unique combination of New Age practices with grounded advice.

See this video of Dougall --

“WOW!  Simply amazing is all I can say!  I have had readings with other people, but Danielle took it to a totally different level.  She is incredibly accurate and very insightful, and will blow your socks off!  Danielle is the real deal”  Peter Baylis

“Danielle is a gift!  She is right on with her readings!  I was impressed with her accuracy and my life is changing after one reading.  She is funky, fun, smart, kind, honest, professional, talented, down to earth, positive, and truly awesome!”  Wendy Van de Poll

“My reading with Danielle was just wonderful.  She had really good insight about an issue I am facing, and she picked up on it, without my even saying what it is!  That is true ability.”  Roxanne Nelson

“Danielle is truly gifted in her ability to see.  Her guides are undoubtedly from the highest spiritual realms.  By far, the best psychic experience I have ever had.”  Donna Riggio

“Danielle connected with my guides easily and brought back information that has helped me move forward, to see my natural potential, after very major life changes.  Thank you, thank you for sharing this amazing God-given talent.”  Leslie Eckert

With a smile that could melt your heart, Danielle MacKinnon guides people to uncover the secrets of their Soul. - Psychic Medium John Holland

“Dougall is a guru of great advice.”  The NY Post

“Cosmic and cool, Dougall Fraser is the Seinfeld of psychics.”  Tori Spelling

$60     BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

Saturday, October 17, 10am-4pm

Help! I think I’m Psychic!
How to Manage Your Psychic Energy

Are you tired at the end of the day?
Has your intuition been off?
Do your friends LOVE to chat with you about their problems?
Do you over-commit AND over-deliver?
Do you find yourself getting lost in the needs of others?
Have you been working to open your intuition but are feeling overrun by it? Do you need more time? 
For everything?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Cosmic Coach Dougall Fraser and Intuitive Danielle MacKinnon’s Workshop just may be the thing for you!
After all, Managing your energy is a key part in creating a balanced, passionate and exciting life.  We are inundated with invitations to pile more on our cosmic plate and then struggle with gaining clarity for our own life. It’s time to take control of your energy!

In this day-long program, Danielle and Dougall will take you on a journey through your energy where you’ll not only learn tools and techniques for calming, clearing, and grounding yourself - but you’ll also learn how to develop the awareness necessary to successfully use these techniques.  You’ll learn how to clear your aura, fine tune your intuition, release the energies of others, finally STOP absorbing unnecessary psychic information from the world around you and more.

And as always, when working with Dougall and Danielle, you’ll have fun working with an amazing like-minded group of people!

Come learn to Manage Your Energy and experience the many benefits of clarity - from improved relationships to reduced anxiety to increased intuitive abilities - this is a workshop not to be missed!

“Danielle is amazing and very funny!  I have always been psychic, but want to expand my knowledge and abilities, and she is just the person to help me do that!”  Kathleen Thomso

“Danielle is an amazing practitioner with deep gifts to offer her ‘confidants.’  Friendly, cheerful and spot on in her words and attitude.  She has an amazing ability to connect and move energy on multiple levels.”  Rick Van de Poll

“The best thing about working with Danielle is her ability to understand the way I learn and work with that. Danielle’s straight forward approach is also something I love about her. Danielle is a true light.”  Cindie Davis

“Danielle is a phenomenal teacher who loves to empower her clients.  I highly recommend her classes.  She has an amazing ability to identify and help with what you need to work on to reach your goals.  Thank you, Danielle!”  Laura Wooster

“Danielle has truly amazed me with her abilities.  I recommend her and her classes to everyone I know.  I look forward to every class I now take with her.”  Denise Jackson

“Dougall Fraser is the country’s coolest clairvoyant.”  Leeza Gibbons

We will be in walking distance to many lovely places to get lunch.

$135      BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

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