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During dark nights of the soul, it is comforting to know that even though we cannot see it, there IS light at the end of the tunnel.  Carry on bravely...the world needs your divine light to shine! You have unique gifts to offer and invaluable lessons to learn. Come join us--the tribe is gathering!


June 4         SOLD OUT
June 25       SOLD OUT
August 13    SOLD OUT
Sept 10        SOLD OUT
Oct 1            SOLD OUT
Nov 26        15 seats available

The program is from 2-8pm.  Limited to 15.

"CONNECTION" with Spiritual Psychic Medium, Theresa Roba

Booked solid with private sessions for 5 years in advance, Theresa Marie Roba is a very popular and gifted Spiritual Psychic Medium, Life Coach, and Reiki Master healer.  This will be an opportunity to receive a personal reading from her without waiting for years!

By receiving accurate detailed and deeply personal messages from the “Other Side”, Theresa validates the “CONNECTION” with your loved-one in spirit and gives undisputed evidence of the afterlife.  As a result, you will learn that you are loved and never truly alone.  For love is everlasting. 

This process of Spirit Communication, in which the Holy Spirit works through Theresa, has allowed thousands of people to find joy, comfort, peace and hope by feeling the presence of their deceased loved-ones, and to no longer fear death.

ou will love Theresa’s over-flowing heart, enthusiasm, compassion, sincerity, warmth and sense of humor. 
For someone who spends so much time in the Heavenly realms, she is very down-to-earth!

 After receiving a visitation from Our Blessed Mother and Padre Pio,
souls who had passed began to wake Theresa at night.  As she went through her day, she would see these spirits standing behind people, giving her messages for them.

At this event,
Theresa will give readings, share her experiences & teach about the afterlife. In addition, she gives information about finances, career, dreams, relationships, health, and family. 


“I was totally blown away with Teresa's reading. Between the three of us who came, I figured we would be lucky if one person had one person come through. As it turned out, we all had many loved ones come through. Each loved one had a very personal message that only they would know about. I will be walking on air for the remainder of my life. Theresa is an angel! I will want to come to many more of her events.”  M. D. in NJ

“Hi Susan, I want to thank you again for an excellent event last Sunday with Theresa Roba. I admit that I came in a bit skeptical, but the need to connect with my father outweighed my questions about this experience. I now understand why Theresa is booked 5 years in advance—she has a very special gift.  It was shocking to see her connect with my recently departed father so quickly and powerfully.  The level of detail and accuracy of information left me speechless, and I have to say, overwhelmed (in a good way.) It was a most healing session and took off about 10,000 lbs of weight away from my heart. I’m still in deep grief, however I can feel energy moving in the right direction, and I received some answers I needed to begin moving forward.” Angel, South FL
“Theresa sure came through for my mom, with messages from my dad, and many others in my mom's family whom she loved dearly.  She delivered a very pertinent message from my dad for me, which knocked my socks off, and then finished up with something that was so spot-on, a validation of sorts involving my own life, I was left speechless.  She is a warm, funny, personable gal, who sure lives her calling well.  She's someone you'd love to be friends with immediately (over and above the "groupie" mentality).  Thanks for hosting her.  We will definitely see her again.”  Suzanne Tate, Norristown PA

 “You are the real deal, unless anyone is wondering or has any doubt. I was so grateful that both my parents and my in laws came through!  I was particularly thrilled that my son, Brian came through, as he is the one I needed to hear from. I communicate with him often, but kept having the feeling that he was trying to tell me something that I just wasn't getting. You gave me that message and now I feel so much better.”    Debbie H.

“Theresa was so wonderful and really made my day, night, and week! I got a quick yet wonderful reading right after the show and it was great! I am happy that she was so kind to stay late to give those who didn’t get a reading a chance to ask a question. She has a wonderful gift and I cannot thank her enough for those few minutes of her time! It was my first seminar with you and it was wonderful! Thank you again and hopefully I will be ordering tickets to her future show!” Jean L., Clinton, NJ

 “What an amazing and wonderful gift the Heavenly Father has blessed you with, and I am so sure you are making the Heavenly Mother and Padre Pio very proud of you. Not only didn't we expect what you delivered us, you are such a warm kind and laid back person, we felt very comfortable with you.  Thank you again, and God Bless you, and the wonderful work you are doing.”  Cathy K.

Everyone will get a reading!  Some readings are a wee bit longer than others.  Payment due by check or credit card when you register.  Since tickets are sold so far in advance, if something (like a wedding or graduation) comes up and you cannot attend, please give Susan 1-2 weeks notice. You will receive a refund or be offered another date to see Theresa in 6 to 9 months.  There is a very long wait list for tickets, so your seat can usually be sold.

Bring some water, a snack and paper/pen. You may also record your session with an iPhone.  The BSA is a small red brick building with a large parking lot, located across from the Mercer Museum (which looks like a castle).

BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901
$100 per person 

November 26    15 seats available

Monday, May 1, 9am-5pm

Death, Dying, & the Afterlife Training -- Level 2
Gene Ang, PhD

This additional training day will allow people to go deeper in soul conduction work and help souls lost or entrapped in space of consciousness not conducive to their well being or future evolution.  In this training we will go over the following topics and perform additional journeys of soul conduction to aid these souls on their spiritual path.

-Working with the Upper and Lower Inter-Worlds:  What they are and how to help souls in this location in the Inner Worlds.

-People locked into astral spaces due to deviant spiritual practices.

-The concept of the Eighth Sphere and how to help souls located in this astral space and dimension.

-Helping people held in their own thought form shells known as shell heavens and shell hells.

-People held in lower astral dimensions because of their resonance with highly physical based viewpoints and resonance with these types of spiritual beings.

Requirement: Death, Dying, & the Afterlife Training Level 1

Please bring meditation cushion, blanket, pillow, yoga mat, eye covering, pens, pencils, and notebook as needed.
$225   Private home in Pipersville

Saturday, May 27  BY PHONE  9, 9:30, 10:15, 10:45, 12:30, 1, 1:45, 2:15
Saturday, June 3  IN PERSON   9, 9:30, 1, 2:15

Sessions at 9am, 9:30, 10:15, 10:45, 11:15, 12:30, 1, 1:45, 2:15pm

Lisa Dantuono, Spiritual Advisor and Psychic Medium

Growing up as a young adult, Lisa's friends would always consult her for advice and guidance, that would always lead them in the right direction. She never realized that she had a special gift, even though she is a second generatoin psychic.

Through her readings, Lisa guides people to get on the right path spiritually, which in turn, will lead
them to a more fulfilled life.  Lisa can help you with finances, career, relationships, romance, health,
life mission, and your spiritual path.  She can also connect you with loved ones on the Other Side.
Bring photos, if you'd like.

"I made an appointment for a reading with Lisa after my daughter told me how amazing she was.  Lisa completley blew me away!  I have had many readings done by Lisa since then, and every single one has been wonderful.  She is amazing!!"  Nina, NJ

"When I had a reading done by Lisa, I didn't know what to expect.  The reading was so detailed, it shocked me.  She knew things about me that I'd never told anyone.  She cleared up some unresolved issues for me.  Lisa is great, and I would recommend her to everyone!"  Angela, NJ

36 North Church St, Doylestown PA 18901
$80 for 30 minutes, includes a tape or bring your iPhone to record

Saturday, June 17 through Weds, June 21 (5 days) 10am-6pm

Arcturian Healing Method Level 5:  The Arcturian / Metatronic Devices
Gene Ang, PhD

This level of the Arcturian Healing Method focuses on the creation of 5 energetic devices woven with the consciousness and energy of the Arcturians combined with the high spiritual being Metatron.  Metatron is a high spiritual being dedicated to raising the vibratory rate of creation.  The visual symbol representing this level is a double helix with one strand Arcturian and the other strand Metatronic. 

The work for these 5 days consists of 10 Crystal Device Transmissions (45 minutes each) in which you will work with the energy and consciousness of advanced Arcturian beings and Metatron.  The addition of invoking Metatron adds to the capacity to bring through more light from high spiritual realms onto the planet.

These 5 devices created out of energy and consciousness corresponds to 5 of your subtle bodies. 
These include 1) the physical body 2) the etheric (pranic) body 3) the astral body (emotional and mental body combined) 4) the causal body (karmic body) and 5) the spiritual body.  Once you receive the 10 Crystal Device Transmissions you will be able to channel healing frequencies based on the device’s function for yourself and others (ie. family, clients, and friends).

Each device has a main purpose.  The physical body device leads to maximum longevity and rejuvenation of the physical vehicle.  The etheric body device continuously cleanses and energizes the body made of chi/prana. This device in particular can have continuous channeling in the background if needed.  The astral body device allows for clearing of samskaras or emotional wounds/scars carried from lifetime to lifetime.  The causal body device allows for the burning or disintegration of karmic seeds.  The spiritual body device allows for the alteration and adjustment of soul time lines. 

The main reason for this level is to enable you to be a strong and efficient step-down transformer of the multi-dimensional frequencies from higher realms onto the planet. 
Your subtle bodies will have the combined energies and frequencies of the Arcturians and Metatron woven into them.  The 10 Crystal Device Transmissions will increase the vibratory rate of your subtle bodies usually seen as a color code of light.  This allows the subtle bodies to become a radiatory device on its own which increases the vibratory rate of all those who come into your field of awareness and the environment in general.

Summary of this training:
•    10 Crystal Device Transmission each 45 minutes long
•    40 page workbook outlining uses of the Arcturian/Metronic Devices
•    Directions on how to channel these new frequencies for yourself and others
•    Physical body device increases longevity and rejuvenation much like certain mantras and rituals can increase longevity
•    Etheric Body device continuously clears and energizes the energy field
•    Astral Body device allows for frequencies to dislodge long-term emotional and mental traumas
•    Causal Body Device burns karmic seeds
•    Spiritual Body Device changes soul timelines
•    Overall increase in your vibratory rate so that you become a vibratory device raising the frequency of others and the environment
•    A deeper connection to the Arcturians and Metatron.
Requirement: Arcturian Healing Method Level 4

Please bring meditation cushion, yoga mat, blanket, pillow, eye covering, notebook, pens, and pencils to the training as needed. 

Shiatsu School, 6055C Kellers Church Rd, Pipersville PA 18947
$888 by check to Susan Duval, 36 North Church St, Doylestown PA 18901.
OR pay with a credit card here.

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