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During dark nights of the soul, it is comforting to know that even though we cannot see it, there IS light at the end of the tunnel.  Carry on bravely...the world needs your divine light to shine! You have unique gifts to offer and invaluable lessons to learn. Come join us--the tribe is gathering!


Jan 6           SOLD OUT
Feb 10         SOLD OUT

March 3       SOLD OUT
April 7         SOLD OUT
May 5          SOLD OUT
June 2         SOLD OUT
July 7          4 seats available
August 4     9 seats available
Sept 29      10 seats available

2-8pm  Limited to 15 people. 

Staring in April, the gallery will be limited to 12, and should finish around 7pm.  EVERYONE is guaranteed a reading!

CONNECTION with Spiritual Psychic Medium, Theresa Roba

Booked solid with private sessions for 5 years in advance, Theresa Marie Roba is a very popular and gifted Spiritual Psychic Medium, Life Coach, and Reiki Master healer.  This will be an opportunity to receive a personal reading from her without waiting for years!

By receiving accurate detailed and deeply personal messages from the “Other Side”, Theresa validates the “CONNECTION” with your loved-one in spirit and gives undisputed evidence of the afterlife.  As a result, you will learn that you are loved and never truly alone.  For love is everlasting. 

This process of Spirit Communication, in which the Holy Spirit works through Theresa, has allowed thousands of people to find joy, comfort, peace and hope by feeling the presence of their deceased loved-ones, and to no longer fear death.

ou will love Theresa’s over-flowing heart, enthusiasm, compassion, sincerity, warmth and sense of humor. 
For someone who spends so much time in the Heavenly realms, she is very down-to-earth!

 After receiving a visitation from Our Blessed Mother and Padre Pio,
souls who had passed began to wake Theresa at night.  As she went through her day, she would see these spirits standing behind people, giving her messages for them.

At this event,
Theresa will give readings, share her experiences & teach about the afterlife. In addition, she gives information about finances, career, dreams, relationships, health, and family. 


“I was totally blown away with Teresa's reading. Between the three of us who came, I figured we would be lucky if one person had one person come through. As it turned out, we all had many loved ones come through. Each loved one had a very personal message that only they would know about. I will be walking on air for the remainder of my life. Theresa is an angel! I will want to come to many more of her events.”  M. D. in NJ

“Hi Susan, I want to thank you again for an excellent event last Sunday with Theresa Roba. I admit that I came in a bit skeptical, but the need to connect with my father outweighed my questions about this experience. I now understand why Theresa is booked 5 years in advance—she has a very special gift.  It was shocking to see her connect with my recently departed father so quickly and powerfully.  The level of detail and accuracy of information left me speechless, and I have to say, overwhelmed (in a good way.) It was a most healing session and took off about 10,000 lbs of weight away from my heart. I’m still in deep grief, however I can feel energy moving in the right direction, and I received some answers I needed to begin moving forward.” Angel, South FL
“Theresa sure came through for my mom, with messages from my dad, and many others in my mom's family whom she loved dearly.  She delivered a very pertinent message from my dad for me, which knocked my socks off, and then finished up with something that was so spot-on, a validation of sorts involving my own life, I was left speechless.  She is a warm, funny, personable gal, who sure lives her calling well.  She's someone you'd love to be friends with immediately (over and above the "groupie" mentality).  Thanks for hosting her.  We will definitely see her again.”  Suzanne Tate, Norristown PA

 “You are the real deal, unless anyone is wondering or has any doubt. I was so grateful that both my parents and my in laws came through!  I was particularly thrilled that my son, Brian came through, as he is the one I needed to hear from. I communicate with him often, but kept having the feeling that he was trying to tell me something that I just wasn't getting. You gave me that message and now I feel so much better.”    Debbie H.

“Theresa was so wonderful and really made my day, night, and week! I got a quick yet wonderful reading right after the show and it was great! I am happy that she was so kind to stay late to give those who didn’t get a reading a chance to ask a question. She has a wonderful gift and I cannot thank her enough for those few minutes of her time! It was my first seminar with you and it was wonderful! Thank you again and hopefully I will be ordering tickets to her future show!” Jean L., Clinton, NJ

 “What an amazing and wonderful gift the Heavenly Father has blessed you with, and I am so sure you are making the Heavenly Mother and Padre Pio very proud of you. Not only didn't we expect what you delivered us, you are such a warm kind and laid back person, we felt very comfortable with you.  Thank you again, and God Bless you, and the wonderful work you are doing.”  Cathy K.

Everyone will get a reading!  Some readings are a wee bit longer than others.  Payment due by check or credit card when you register.  Since tickets are sold so far in advance, if something (like a wedding or graduation) comes up and you cannot attend, please give Susan 1-2 weeks notice. You will receive a refund or be offered another date to see Theresa in 6 to 9 months.  There is a very long wait list for tickets, so your seat can usually be sold.

Bring some water, a snack and paper/pen. You may also record your session with an iPhone.  The BSA is a small red brick building with a large parking lot, located across from the Mercer Museum (which looks like a castle).

BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

$125 per person    LIMITED TO ONLY 12 people.  

July 7         4 seats available 

August 4     9 seats available

Sept 29      10 seats available

  Saturday, February 2        10:30am, 12:45, 1:15, 1:45

Spiritual Advisor and Psychic Medium, Lisa Dantuono

Growing up as a young adult, Lisa’s friends would always consult her for advice and guidance that would always lead them in the right direction. She never realized that she had a special gift, even though she is a second generation psychic.  Lisa’s dad was gifted as well and unbelievably accurate. 

Lisa can help you with questions about finances, career, relationships, romance, health, life mission, and your spiritual path.  She can also connect you with loved ones on the Other Side.  Bring photos, if you’d like.

If you would like, your session may focus on weight loss.  With 6 years of experience helping people to successfully reduce their weight, Lisa offers a spiritual approach to your weight loss goals.  Discover what is blocking you, maybe even subconsciously, from attaining a more ideal body weight.



“Lisa is excellent.  She pulled things in that she had no way of knowing about and hit them right on the mark.  The half hour flew by and, of course, becoming aware of how she reads, led me to think of a million more things to ask after I got home!  Lisa is the type of reader, at least for me, who would definitely be a go-to person if something suddenly came into my life for which I needed major clarification.  She is also someone with whom I would make an annual or semi-annual appointment as sort of a 'tune up.' She is the real deal, and I was wondering if she will be coming back to you again this year?  I know she does phone readings but my preference is always to have a sit-down with her.  I also have to tell you that my 96-year-old mom was as impressed as I was. Thank you so much for having her to our area.  As I've said before, I can always count on you to bring in the best.  We are all lucky to have you as our source.”  Suzanne T, Norristown PA

 I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting Lisa.  She had so much to say that was relevant to me and gave me quite a number of messages from my deceased husband, which I’m always happy to receive. I never even told her I had a husband.  She also gave me some insight as to a new man in my life.  Thanks for hosting Lisa.  Great reading!”  Val, Furlong PA

 “I made an appointment for a reading with Lisa after my daughter had told me how amazing she was. I had a lot of readings in my life so I figured I would see how she was. Lisa completely blew me away! I have had many readings done by Lisa and every single one has been wonderful. I can't say much, other than she is amazing!! I will continue seeing Lisa for as long as she does readings!”  Nina, NJ

 “When I had a reading done by Lisa I didn't know what to expect. The reading was so detailed it shocked me. She knew things about me that I'd never even told anyone. I left her, relieved that she cleared up some unresolved issues. Lisa is great and I would recommend her to anyone!”  Angela, NJ

 “I was referred to Lisa by an out-of-state friend. Of course like others, I was very skeptical. I spent endless hours and many sleepless nights (15 years to be exact) trying to find answers to a missing piece in my life. When I spoke with Lisa, she calmed my fears and gave me information that led me to all my answers of the questions I had for a very long time.  Whenever I am in doubt or need direction, Lisa is the first person I contact. Thank you Lisa for all the guidance and help you provide to me! Words aren't enough to show gratitude!!”  Maggie, NC

"Words cannot express my gratitude to you for helping me through tough times. You have such a wonderful gift and I am touched that I was able to receive a piece of it. You helped me forgive those that needed to be forgiven, love those that needed to be loved and thank those that needed to be thanked. I found strength in myself to fulfill goals in my life. You are the most amazing spiritual advisor and I am truly thankful for the reading you gave me!”  Kristen Irvine, NJ

 “Lisa is incredible at what she does! She has such a kind personality that relaxes you, and makes you comfortable during your reading. I felt so at ease after my session and I had answers to questions I didn't even know I had. I left her with such a weight lifted off my shoulders and I would refer her to everyone! By far, she is the best at what she does to help, guide, and comfort!”  Iman, NJ

 “I liked Lisa.  She was spot on, and answered a number of questions that I had, but did not ask.  She made good contact with my deceased mother and gave accurate info and predictions regarding the nuts & bolts physical world.  All stuff that was then or later verified.”  CM in PA

 “I had my reading with Lisa yesterday.  She is incredible!!  I was worried that a phone reading wouldn’t be good.  Nope.  She nailed it.  Thank you AGAIN!”  Marjie D, Doylestown PA

 “I just wanted to thank you again for having Lisa here today.  I just love her.  She’s so down to earth, caring,  and gives lots of  good information.  I was very pleased that I got some validation around something I had been wondering about,.  I see things a little more clearly now and I am grateful. “  Val, Furlong PA

 $80 for half hour     36 N. Church St, Doylestown PA 18901  


  Sunday, March 24, 2-4pm  4 seats left

 Bridging Beyond Boundaries--Validating the Afterlife

 Medium Roland Comtois and the Purple Papers

 It is with great joy and excitement that I present to you, once again, Roland Comtois of Rhode Island!  All of his events are sold out everywhere he goes!

 Roland is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, spiritual medium and radio host who captivates his audiences with his uncanny ability to connect with the spiritual realm, sharing messages that have the power to heal. 

This will be an opportunity to meet Roland and see him in ACTION as he channels messages and demonstrates his incredible “Purple Papers”.  I know you will enjoy this special experience, and welcome him back to our community.   Let’s give him a warm welcome (while we can!) as his work is currently sought after by TV companies eager to showcase his signature Purple Papers.

Roland has daily conversations with people who have passed--souls who hope Roland will give their personal messages of love, healing and hope to the people they left behind. So important are these messages that Roland takes notes on Purple Papers that he carries with him, day after day, month after month, year after year, as he tries to FIND THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM THEY WERE WRITTEN. Each one is detailed with specific information that only the recipient – and their loved one – would know and understand. Each one, dated at the time it was written, tells a story of a loved one. And each Purple Paper is tangible evidence of life after life--irrefutable proof that there is another Side. Perhaps you will receive a Purple Paper today!

Roland is the co-author of 365 Days of Angel Prayers, and the author of And Then There was Heaven, a memoir chronicling his own near-death experience, and 16 Minutes, a poignant personal journal about the last earthly moments between a mother and son, as well as a guidebook through grief.  He is also the founder of the Living Beyond Loss Expo, now in its 10th year.

In addition, Roland has over 30 years experience as a gerontology nurse, Reiki Master, metaphysical teacher and grief specialist. His expertise extends from the physical to the spiritual, as he shares healing modalities and messages that nurture and balance mind, body and soul.

His mission is to help people move beyond grief with love and hope, find comfort in life again, and discover that heaven and eternal love are real and always close at hand. The power of eternal love, as demonstrated through sacred channeled messages or documented on Purple Papers, has the ability to ease grief,  open the heart, heal the body, remove fear, expand  consciousness, and most importantly--give us the ability to live again.

Roland will do his best to read everyone--he has in the past--but he cannot guarantee it.
Limited to 17 people.  4 seats are left.


 “I attended an amazing session with Roland Comtois on Nov 20 in PA.  Roland is a very kind and loving medium.  I was BLOWN AWAY with the messages I received.  Information came through from my parents which was so welcome and so healing.  Also, there was a connection with my little daughter who passed many years ago.  Everything was RIGHT ON, down to a particular year that Roland mentioned!!  I am definitely hoping that Roland will return.”  Sharon Conway, Doylestown PA

 “My experience was seriously priceless. I'm definitely glad I waited 18 years for the right person.  My father–in-law came thru in a huge way, and it was irrefutable. Definitely life changing!  It really was surreal. I’m still reeling from the experience, and feel blessed that I had the opportunity. I shared that I went to see Roland on Facebook and I can't tell you how many of my friends or family pleaded with me to take them next time he comes here. I can easily fill 10 to 15 spots guaranteed!!!!” Cara Budaj, Chalfont PA

  “I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing Roland Comtois. His ability to connect with the other side is unsurpassed by any other medium I’ve seen. He made us laugh (a lot), he made us cry (happy tears), and he gave us comfort knowing our loved ones are still with us. Roland is a wonderful human being filled with compassion. I cannot wait until you have him back. I have already told family and friends about Roland and I would go to see him again, whether or not I got a reading with him – he is that amazing!”  Kimberly R., Harleysville PA

 “Roland was incredible!!!  I would love to see him again.“  Natalie Prince, Allenwood NJ

 “Thank you for hosting such a lovely afternoon. I found the experience very impactful and rewarding.”  Kathy Mills, Montgomeryville PA

 “Roland truly connects with his audience. I was overwhelmed with emotion not only when he read me, but also as he touched the lives of those around us.  He was right on the mark and said things that only were known to the person he was reading. He is also very emphatic in his delivery and gets the message across with compassion and kindness. To say that Roland is gifted would be an understatement.  He is such a sincere and genuine soul.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is searching for unresolved issues or wanting confirmation that your loved one is in heaven.  Bless you Roland!”  Maria Plass, Frenchtown NJ

 “I was just so blown away by this incredible man—Roland Comtois-- who I got to witness being a channel of love for everyone. He was spot on with what he said to me.  There wasn't any way he could ever have known about all the men in my Dad's family and about the old homestead which is right down the road from where we live now.  And what he said about my Mother was right on too, EXACTLY!!!  Roland has such love and divinity radiating from him.  It was an honor to be with his beautiful energy.  It opened my heart and gave me comfort.”  Chris K.  Cottageville, Pa.

 BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

 $150    Limited to 17 people   4 seats left





































































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