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During dark nights of the soul, it is comforting to know that even though we cannot see it, there IS light at the end of the tunnel.  Carry on bravely...the world needs your divine light to shine! You have unique gifts to offer and invaluable lessons to learn. Come join us--the tribe is gathering!


Nov 26         SOLD OUT
Dec 17         SOLD OUT
Jan 7           SOLD OUT
Feb 11         SOLD OUT
March 4       SOLD OUT
April 8         SOLD OUT

June 3         9 seats available
July 8          15 seats available
Aug 5           13 seats available

Call Susan about other 2018 dates!!  215-348-5755

The program is from 2-8pm.  Limited to 15.

"CONNECTION" with Spiritual Psychic Medium, Theresa Roba

Booked solid with private sessions for 5 years in advance, Theresa Marie Roba is a very popular and gifted Spiritual Psychic Medium, Life Coach, and Reiki Master healer.  This will be an opportunity to receive a personal reading from her without waiting for years!

By receiving accurate detailed and deeply personal messages from the “Other Side”, Theresa validates the “CONNECTION” with your loved-one in spirit and gives undisputed evidence of the afterlife.  As a result, you will learn that you are loved and never truly alone.  For love is everlasting. 

This process of Spirit Communication, in which the Holy Spirit works through Theresa, has allowed thousands of people to find joy, comfort, peace and hope by feeling the presence of their deceased loved-ones, and to no longer fear death.

ou will love Theresa’s over-flowing heart, enthusiasm, compassion, sincerity, warmth and sense of humor. 
For someone who spends so much time in the Heavenly realms, she is very down-to-earth!

 After receiving a visitation from Our Blessed Mother and Padre Pio,
souls who had passed began to wake Theresa at night.  As she went through her day, she would see these spirits standing behind people, giving her messages for them.

At this event,
Theresa will give readings, share her experiences & teach about the afterlife. In addition, she gives information about finances, career, dreams, relationships, health, and family. 


“I was totally blown away with Teresa's reading. Between the three of us who came, I figured we would be lucky if one person had one person come through. As it turned out, we all had many loved ones come through. Each loved one had a very personal message that only they would know about. I will be walking on air for the remainder of my life. Theresa is an angel! I will want to come to many more of her events.”  M. D. in NJ

“Hi Susan, I want to thank you again for an excellent event last Sunday with Theresa Roba. I admit that I came in a bit skeptical, but the need to connect with my father outweighed my questions about this experience. I now understand why Theresa is booked 5 years in advance—she has a very special gift.  It was shocking to see her connect with my recently departed father so quickly and powerfully.  The level of detail and accuracy of information left me speechless, and I have to say, overwhelmed (in a good way.) It was a most healing session and took off about 10,000 lbs of weight away from my heart. I’m still in deep grief, however I can feel energy moving in the right direction, and I received some answers I needed to begin moving forward.” Angel, South FL
“Theresa sure came through for my mom, with messages from my dad, and many others in my mom's family whom she loved dearly.  She delivered a very pertinent message from my dad for me, which knocked my socks off, and then finished up with something that was so spot-on, a validation of sorts involving my own life, I was left speechless.  She is a warm, funny, personable gal, who sure lives her calling well.  She's someone you'd love to be friends with immediately (over and above the "groupie" mentality).  Thanks for hosting her.  We will definitely see her again.”  Suzanne Tate, Norristown PA

 “You are the real deal, unless anyone is wondering or has any doubt. I was so grateful that both my parents and my in laws came through!  I was particularly thrilled that my son, Brian came through, as he is the one I needed to hear from. I communicate with him often, but kept having the feeling that he was trying to tell me something that I just wasn't getting. You gave me that message and now I feel so much better.”    Debbie H.

“Theresa was so wonderful and really made my day, night, and week! I got a quick yet wonderful reading right after the show and it was great! I am happy that she was so kind to stay late to give those who didn’t get a reading a chance to ask a question. She has a wonderful gift and I cannot thank her enough for those few minutes of her time! It was my first seminar with you and it was wonderful! Thank you again and hopefully I will be ordering tickets to her future show!” Jean L., Clinton, NJ

 “What an amazing and wonderful gift the Heavenly Father has blessed you with, and I am so sure you are making the Heavenly Mother and Padre Pio very proud of you. Not only didn't we expect what you delivered us, you are such a warm kind and laid back person, we felt very comfortable with you.  Thank you again, and God Bless you, and the wonderful work you are doing.”  Cathy K.

Everyone will get a reading!  Some readings are a wee bit longer than others.  Payment due by check or credit card when you register.  Since tickets are sold so far in advance, if something (like a wedding or graduation) comes up and you cannot attend, please give Susan 1-2 weeks notice. You will receive a refund or be offered another date to see Theresa in 6 to 9 months.  There is a very long wait list for tickets, so your seat can usually be sold.

Bring some water, a snack and paper/pen. You may also record your session with an iPhone.  The BSA is a small red brick building with a large parking lot, located across from the Mercer Museum (which looks like a castle).

BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901
$100 per person 

June 3, 2018       9 seats available

July 8, 2018        15 seats available

August 5, 2018    13 seats available


Friday, December 15          SOLD OUT

Saturday, December 16     SOLD OUT

Monday, December 18       SOLD OUT 

Private Sessions with Betsy Thomson, Psychic & Tarot reader

Betsy has been doing readings as a professional psychic for 20 years. Her readings are very compassionate, straightforward, inspirational, detailed and vision oriented. All readings are geared toward helping a client grow, heal and evolve.

Betsy addresses relationships, career, health, soul and life path, past lives and often connects to deceased loved ones. She receives information from guides, spirits and the Tarot. She is an empath, clairvoyant, channeler, spiritual coach and intuitive counselor. 

Recently returning to Bucks County from NYC, Betsy’s clients include members of the NYPD, FDNY, film, TV, music celebrities and technicians in the USA and Europe. Over the years, Betsy has been hired by ESPN to do sports predictions and is the in-house psychic/intuitive counselor for ESPN employees. She has also been an on-air psychic for various radio shows in NY.

In 2002 Betsy was nominated as New Yorker of the Week for the extensive healing work she did after 9/11 with members of the FDNY, and was a Ground Zero worker herself.

Betsy has a meditation book called Meditation, My Friend, and teaches Mindfulness Meditation. She does various forms of energy medicine including Reiki, Reconnective Healing and acupressure.  In addition, she has practiced Vipassana meditation for 16 years, is yoga instructor, an award winning singer-songwriter, and multi media artist.


“I wanted to let you know about my reading with Betsy on Monday and thank you for having her.  Betsy is wonderful and it was one of the best readings I have ever had.  She was so spot on with so many things. She gave me on target health advice and blew me away when she told me my husband has congestion and respiratory issues - he has asthma that has been acting up.  She gave me suggestions for healing for myself and my husband, which I will definitely follow.  She also blew me away when my grandmother, who I had the most special relationship with, came through. Betsy asked - who’s Mary?  I believe my grandmother’s energy is with me and this reaffirmed that. I could go on and on - there was so much great stuff.  It was fun, positive and definitely uplifting.  I just love her! Thank you again for having her!”  Joan Antonelli, East Coventry PA

“Well, Girlfriend, you never disappoint!  As you know, I was in yesterday to see Betsy Thomson for the first time.  I have been to readers before and am aware of what to expect and how things are done.  Betsy was remarkable!  From the first minute she started reading, she hit nail after nail on the head.  She picked up on things that were so deep within my heart and soul, I hadn't even put words to them yet.  I have never had a half-hour speed by so fast. Plus, something happened last night that is going to lead to something Betsy saw occurring down the line!  I didn't see how her prediction could come to pass and then time and space bent themselves and the door flew open!  Amazing. I will be back to see her, and this time, I am booking a full hour.  Last but certainly not least, she is very easy to know.  She is down to earth and her delivery makes you feel that you have both been friends for a long time.  Thanks, Susan, for providing this area with terrific professionals.  As I said, you never disappoint.”  - Suzanne T., Norristown PA

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought that Betsy’s reading today was FANTASTIC!  As I mentioned to you, I have had my card read by the same person for 25 years so I know I good reader when I see one.  Betsy was fantastic!  I wish I had met her sooner.  It was such luck that I ran into you at the SoMe conference, and it occurred to me to ask you.  Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I thought she was great.”  Margie D., Doylestown PA

"Thank you for setting me up with Betsy.  She was awesome!  I can't wait to have another reading with her.  I was so blown away by all the information she knew about me with a phone reading.  I was thrilled with the info she provided!  She is a great inspiration and to the point!  I had a phone reading, but can't wait to meet Betsy in person!!  Thank you!!!"  Daisy P., Southampton PA

“Betsy is wonderful! Not only is she the most personable and down to earth medium I've seen to this day, but she solved a personal medical mystery in one reading that 7 doctors in 4 years have yet to figure out.  She makes her readings fun, positive and uplifting! Totally worth it! Her reading is relevant, true, and inspiring! You'd be losing money NOT to see her!”  Lauren Z., Philadelphia, PA, Customer Service Supervisor - Whole Foods Market

“Betsy has been “reading me” for over ten years…when there are complexities in the decision at hand, she explores several possible paths. Her personal spiritual wisdom, combined with the information from the guides, help shape the reading. I have many examples to prove the accuracy of Betsy’s readings..but the predictions about people that have yet to enter my life stand out most.  Betsy’s readings have helped me open to new opportunities, possibilities and directions that I may otherwise have missed. I strongly recommend Betsy’s readings for anyone weighing elements of a complex decision or seeking help with direction.” Lynnea, Raleigh, NC

“A close friend of mine was always raving about Betsy, so I decided to make an appointment. I can tell you it was an amazing experience as everything she told me about my past and present were so “on the money”, it was eerie. Then as the future predictions came about, I really became a true-blue client. I keep going back to her because I know she's the real deal. She's a very gifted, compassionate, wise, generous person who truly cares about her clients and will take the time to talk you through whatever it is you are experiencing in your life at the time. I rave about her all the time and am constantly recommending her to family and friends!” Nada from San Francisco, California

“When Betsy gave me my first reading, I was in awe…trust me, if you want to know anything--whether it's about someone who crossed, where and when are you moving, anything physical, your direction with career--you WILL hear the Truth, and what you need to do to grow. The readings she has given me have been 85 percent to 100 percent, dead on. I'm going off now to enjoy my life, as I have been blessed to do so, with the help of Betsy, who is now one of the dearest people in my life.” Linda, Lancaster, PA

“I’ve had several readings with “Bets” over the years. There are things that she has predicted that have blown me (and others) away. But it’s not only her intuitive ability that draws me to her. Its her wisdom, her kindness and her unique way of communicating that helps you to really grasp the wholeness and totality of who you are…the essence of your true self. Betsy has helped me to become a better human being. She’s helped me to accept my flaws and fears, my triumphs and disappointments. I will happily and confidently seek Betsy’s guidance for many, many years to come.”  Toni, Philadelphia, PA

Bring your iPhone to record your session. Susan has a tape recorder and tapes.

36 N. Church Street, Doylestown PA 18901

$120 for 45 minutes

$160 for 1 hour

Saturday, Jan 6, 2018   10am, 10:45, 11:30, 12:15, 2:15, 3, 3:45pm

Tarot Readings by Lisa

With a PhD in Human development and training as both a counselor and life coach, Lisa is a firm believer in the idea that all of us can open to and expand our individual mystical abilities.

Fascinated by her own personal experiences with tarot readers, psychic development circles, courses in mediumship and various metaphysical realms, Lisa has explored the development of her own psychic skills and natural discerning capabilities for over 15 years. Her mission is to now use her gifts to help others.

Lisa’s insightful readings combine perceptive tarot interpretation, intuitive coaching and human compassion, opening your eyes to the possibilities before you.

Whether you are seeking guidance for relationships, career, health, finances, life purpose or any area where you feel blocked or uncertain, Lisa will provide insight so that you can make the best choices in your life.


“Lisa gave accurate insights for my questions and was able to help me sort through some of my feelings and thoughts. As time passed, things unfolded exactly as she said they would and it reinforced my belief in her beautiful ability.” Sarah D (who hosted 2 house parties with Lisa for 10-12 people)

“What an enjoyable experience it was to do a reading with Lisa. Because I am currently in Texas, we needed to conduct a phone reading. She conducted herself in a professional, yet friendly and inviting manner. While I did not have any pressing questions to be answered, Lisa quickly uncovered what had been eating away at my energy and guided me through a path of hope and purpose. The reading provided me with the energy I needed to re-center myself and restore much needed balance. It was refreshing and calming. I will definitely be reaching out to Lisa for future readings. Her calming energy and abilities provide a reassuring experience.”  Vicki M., Texas

$50 for 30 minutes     36 N Church St, Doylestown PA  18901



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