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During dark nights of the soul, it is comforting to know that even though we cannot see it, there IS light at the end of the tunnel.  Carry on bravely...the world needs your divine light to shine! You have unique gifts to offer and invaluable lessons to learn. Come join us--the tribe is gathering!


March 5       SOLD OUT
April 9          SOLD OUT
June 4         SOLD OUT
June 25       SOLD OUT
August 6     SOLD OUT
Sept 10        SOLD OUT
Oct 1            12 seats available
Nov 26        15 seats available
Dec 3           15 seats available

The program is from 2-8pm.  Limited to 15.

"CONNECTION" with Spiritual Psychic Medium, Theresa Roba

Booked solid with private sessions for 5 years in advance, Theresa Marie Roba is a very popular and gifted Spiritual Psychic Medium, Life Coach, and Reiki Master healer.  This will be an opportunity to receive a personal reading from her without waiting for years!

By receiving accurate detailed and deeply personal messages from the “Other Side”, Theresa validates the “CONNECTION” with your loved-one in spirit and gives undisputed evidence of the afterlife.  As a result, you will learn that you are loved and never truly alone.  For love is everlasting. 

This process of Spirit Communication, in which the Holy Spirit works through Theresa, has allowed thousands of people to find joy, comfort, peace and hope by feeling the presence of their deceased loved-ones, and to no longer fear death.

ou will love Theresa’s over-flowing heart, enthusiasm, compassion, sincerity, warmth and sense of humor. 
For someone who spends so much time in the Heavenly realms, she is very down-to-earth!

 After receiving a visitation from Our Blessed Mother and Padre Pio,
souls who had passed began to wake Theresa at night.  As she went through her day, she would see these spirits standing behind people, giving her messages for them.

At this event,
Theresa will give readings, share her experiences & teach about the afterlife. In addition, she gives information about finances, career, dreams, relationships, health, and family. 


“I was totally blown away with Teresa's reading. Between the three of us who came, I figured we would be lucky if one person had one person come through. As it turned out, we all had many loved ones come through. Each loved one had a very personal message that only they would know about. I will be walking on air for the remainder of my life. Theresa is an angel! I will want to come to many more of her events.”  M. D. in NJ

“Hi Susan, I want to thank you again for an excellent event last Sunday with Theresa Roba. I admit that I came in a bit skeptical, but the need to connect with my father outweighed my questions about this experience. I now understand why Theresa is booked 5 years in advance—she has a very special gift.  It was shocking to see her connect with my recently departed father so quickly and powerfully.  The level of detail and accuracy of information left me speechless, and I have to say, overwhelmed (in a good way.) It was a most healing session and took off about 10,000 lbs of weight away from my heart. I’m still in deep grief, however I can feel energy moving in the right direction, and I received some answers I needed to begin moving forward.” Angel, South FL
“Theresa sure came through for my mom, with messages from my dad, and many others in my mom's family whom she loved dearly.  She delivered a very pertinent message from my dad for me, which knocked my socks off, and then finished up with something that was so spot-on, a validation of sorts involving my own life, I was left speechless.  She is a warm, funny, personable gal, who sure lives her calling well.  She's someone you'd love to be friends with immediately (over and above the "groupie" mentality).  Thanks for hosting her.  We will definitely see her again.”  Suzanne Tate, Norristown PA

 “You are the real deal, unless anyone is wondering or has any doubt. I was so grateful that both my parents and my in laws came through!  I was particularly thrilled that my son, Brian came through, as he is the one I needed to hear from. I communicate with him often, but kept having the feeling that he was trying to tell me something that I just wasn't getting. You gave me that message and now I feel so much better.”    Debbie H.

“Theresa was so wonderful and really made my day, night, and week! I got a quick yet wonderful reading right after the show and it was great! I am happy that she was so kind to stay late to give those who didn’t get a reading a chance to ask a question. She has a wonderful gift and I cannot thank her enough for those few minutes of her time! It was my first seminar with you and it was wonderful! Thank you again and hopefully I will be ordering tickets to her future show!” Jean L., Clinton, NJ

 “What an amazing and wonderful gift the Heavenly Father has blessed you with, and I am so sure you are making the Heavenly Mother and Padre Pio very proud of you. Not only didn't we expect what you delivered us, you are such a warm kind and laid back person, we felt very comfortable with you.  Thank you again, and God Bless you, and the wonderful work you are doing.”  Cathy K.

Everyone will get a reading!  Some readings are a wee bit longer than others.  Payment due by check or credit card when you register.  Since tickets are sold so far in advance, if something (like a wedding or graduation) comes up and you cannot attend, please give Susan 1-2 weeks notice. You will receive a refund or be offered another date to see Theresa in 6 to 9 months.  There is a very long wait list for tickets, so your seat can usually be sold.

Bring some water, a snack and paper/pen. You may also record your session with an iPhone.  The BSA is a small red brick building with a large parking lot, located across from the Mercer Museum (which looks like a castle).

BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901
$100 per person   

October 1, 2017   12 seats available

November 26    15 seats available

December 3     15 seats available

Thursday, February 23    2:30, 4pm

Sessions to Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit
Susan Pié

Our facilitator today says, “My wish for you is to heal the parts of you that feel broken, scattered or lost. Together, let’s explore what’s going on – physical, mental and emotional challenges block and limit your conscious awareness and ultimate spiritual evolution.  In so doing, may you heal and gradually awaken to the greater possibilities of your life.”

Inherent throughout all of Susan’s work is the realization that she is both a skilled practitioner and a conscious channel for Spirit.  What is shared during a session is both her intuitive sense as well as guidance that arises from her connection to Source.

You may select one of the 3 options below. If you can’t decide or aren’t sure, Susan will ask Spirit which one is best for you in partnership with Source for optimal benefit for your life at this moment.

Personal Energy Field Clearings –
We carry around “extraneous” energies in our energy field for many lives that tend to block and limit us. I’ve been offering field clearings for many years in cases where clients are carrying very heavy energies that do not clear in the normal course of a session. It’s been my experience that clearing one’s energy field on a very deep level can make all the difference in the process of healing on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Resonance Repatterning  –
Do you find yourself making resolutions and practicing affirmations to improve your life, yet nothing shifts?  When you resonate to energies and thoughts that keep you stuck – many often programmed in during your earlier life experiences – you become frustrated because things just don’t seem to work out for you.  Changing your vibrational imprint can be an easy and fun process!  Open yourself to the infinite possibilities for quantum change.
Spiritual Response Technique –
A dynamic spiritual healing method that addresses blocks, interferences, and programs whose influence follows us from lifetime after  lifetime.  Complete clearing of the soul’s Akashic Records is part of every session; specific clearings for personal matters as well as a two-part clearing for prosperity are available.

In private practice for over 20 years, Susan Pié has a BS in Social Sciences and Psychology, and pursued graduate studies in Clinical Psychology.  She has been a Minister since 2001.  She has been blessed by the healing energy of the Divine Feminine, which is infused throughout all her offerings.  For more information, see:

$160 for one hour    Private home, 36 N. Church Street, Doylestown PA 18901

Saturday, February 25, 1-4pm

SEIMEI Healing and MaNi Power Workshop---

Harnessing the Power of MaNi with Seimei Healing

Nicola Bertolo, the USA's Foremost SEIMEI Instructor & Healer
Sheryl Blumenthal, Channel and Semi Practitioner

SEIMEI (Japanese for “vital life force”) is a non-touch energy healing technique from Japan, effective in reducing pain and discomfort, lessening swelling, decreasing stress and increasing energy. Toshihisa Hiraki founded Semei, and spent 30 years developing the techniques, so that everyone can use their vital life force with amazing results.  

The afternoon will begin with messages channeled by Sheryl for the greatest good of all. Sheryl is a loving messenger, a profoundly gifted spiritual teacher and sacred vessel. She is passionate about helping people to journey towards achieving their soul's quest and realizing their true gifts. Sheryl assists individuals in the release of fears and emotional blockages that stem from their cellular origin (DNA). When these emotional burdens are freed, true inner joy, happiness, health, abundance and vitality return naturally. This inner wholeness ("Heaven within") affects all of mankind, our entire world and the Universe. Sheryl is passionate about Seimei and has studied this technique for nearly 18 years.

Then, for a large portion of the afternoon, Nicola Bertolo will provide attendees with practical healing methods for pain relief for themselves, their families, friends, pets and the world. Participants will also learn to improve the water that they drink, the food they eat and so, so much more.

The Ancient Seimei teachings allow miracles to become a daily way of life. This all stems from our Buddha Nature. SEIMEI healing is immediate, with deeper-acting results easily transcending the Universal laws, as we know them: of time, space and mass.

"A co-worker of mine had suffered for several years with pain in her neck. The pain had became so intense that she couldn't put her head in certain positions. After only 10 minutes of SEIMEI, she looked at me in shock and asked, " What did you just do? I can move my head and most of the pain is gone!"   ~C.L.

"The husband of a friend is a plumber who had a boiler blow up in his face. After visiting the emergency room and being told he would have a long recovery, his wife called me to do SEIMEI. After I worked on him, he went for a follow-up visit with his doctors who were amazed by the amount of tissue healing, especially around the ears where the majority of his aggressive second degree burns had occurred."   ~R.R.

"When I first began receiving SEIMEI Sessions, I had carpal tunnel syndrome. It was so bad that I found it difficult to hold anything. After several sessions, my carpal tunnel syndrome was gone and I felt much better all over."  ~K.L.

"I had excruciating sciatica pain for 10 years. My MRI showed a herniated disk in my 5th lumbar vertebrae and my chiropractor recommended surgery. Instead, I tried SEIMEI sessions. After 7 sessions (in only 3 weeks), I went to work all day and came home pain-free - my first pain-free day in 10 years. My pain is still completely gone and I have more flexibility in my lower back than ever before." ~B.A.

Sheryl Blumenthal, lovingly referred to as "The Little One", is a pure vessel for the I AM. This heartfelt messenger is divinely guided. She's referred to as the master's healer. Through rare abilities, her gifts offer love, healing, peace, and direct guidance through an extremely powerful and transforming unity with the Council of Elders. These angelic presences throughout history are revered sentient beings of 'the most high'. Most lovingly, they assist the transformation of our earth towards her highest ascension. The messages and the light that come forth are direct, vital, and pure. This child's inner beauty and light will touch you deeply.

Nicola Bertolo—After the Barcelona Olympics, Nicola made a pivotal life choice. In the Japanese town where she had stayed throughout her Olympic training, a man with leukemia was improving steadily in his health. As a direct result of his studies with a form of Buddhism, which he was learning about during his illness, he experienced remarkable results causing positive and amazing changes. This man grew continually healthier.

Nicola became fascinated with the changes that countless people were experiencing in their lives around this form of teaching. Determined, she began "these new studies" with the same focused discipline, commitment and passion that she had applied in Judo. As a teacher of SEMEI for over 25 years, Nicola is currently the USA's foremost instructor.

As President of The Semei Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, Nicola teaches people around the world about their Buddha Nature (Hoju)- -an aspect of themselves that cannot be seen, but is proven to exist through results. She travels regularly to Japan with students, assisting them in their own development with these studies. She also provides practical workshops for all interested in learning more about their innate truth ... their own divine being, which helps each of their own lives, their families, their pets, food, water, as well as the health of our planet, as a whole.

This afternoon with Sheryl and Nicola will be enlightening, healing, extremely powerful and transforming!  Participants will be gifted with a package of MaNi Power Healing Seals, a $20 value.

$80   BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

Sunday, Feb 26   3 appointments left at 12:15, 3:45, 4:30pm

Personal SEIMEI Healing sessions
Nicola Bertolo

Nicola is the most highly regarded Seimei practitioner in all of America.  Since she rarely offers personal sessions, as she is today, this is a great opportunity and a lifetime gift.  To have a session with Nicola is a Godsend, for she is truly here on the planet to teach people to use their own divine gift in their own lives. Anyone who receives a personal session with her will treasure this experience.

The photos to the left show a child Before and After a SEIMEI treatment from Nicola. Please also see the testimonials above.

36 North Church St, Doylestown PA 18901

$90 for a 30 minute session
Includes MaNi Power Seals ($20 value)

Sunday, Feb 26   SOLD OUT

Private Channeling Sessions with Sheryl Blumenthal, “The Little One”

Sheryl Blumenthal is a loving messenger, a profoundly gifted spiritual teacher, and sacred vessel. She is passionate about helping people to journey towards achieving their soul’s quest and realizing their true gifts.  Sheryl is a clear, strong channel for the Divine. A private session with Sheryl is an opportunity to be in conversation with both yours and Sheryl’s spiritual guides.  It is an opportunity to experience messages received in the language of the Divine. "This child is messenger for Heaven...a pure and sacred channel for the Divine, the I AM."

Sheryl assists with:
Clarifying your Higher Purpose
Relationship concerns
Health issues
Professional choices
Indigo consultations and integration

ABOUT THE CHANNEL: Sheryl, lovingly referred to as "The Little One", is a pure vessel for the I AM. This heartfelt messenger is divinely guided.   Through her rare abilities, she offers her gifts of love, healing, peace, transformation, and direct guidance through an extremely powerful unity with the Council of Elders.  These angelic presences are revered sentient beings of “the most high”, who lovingly assist the earth towards her highest ascension. The messages and the light that Sheryl brings forth are direct, vital, and pure.  

Through the ongoing practical application of SEIMEI (a rare healing technique from Japan) and her studies at the Arthur Findlay College in England, Sheryl has gained stronger awareness and become an even more rare and open vessel.

Sheryl serves on a number of panels, including the board of directors for the non-profit Global Healing Foundation, the Global Council of Spiritual Teachers, an associate of the International Association for Spiritual Coaches (IASC), the Self-Worth Coalition/Global Initiative, and others.  She is a regular presenter and staff member for the Edgar Cayce Center in NYC, and has been a presenter at Columbia University, the UN, retreat centers, fellowships and numerous other programs.  Sheryl is the author of "Heaven's Doorway" (Through the Little One) and is currently working on a many future works. She holds a number of ministerial licenses.  For more information on Sheryl, go to  

"I saw you on the cruise, last January. I watched the audience as you channeled, Sheryl. Over half of the people were in tears. I observed the entire time. People were touched in such a way that I am crying now, just to think of it. I thank you for being who you are and so open in sharing what you do. God bless you, my dear." (J.S.-CT)

"In the Spring of 2012, I fainted and fell face down on an asphalt driveway. In the process, I was left with multiple side effects; not only from the fall, but from the fainting episode, as well. After five weeks and many hours of hands on therapy from my alternative care practitioner, many yet not all of my issues had been eliminated. A heavy, clogged feeling still persisted behind my eyes and upper facial region that was certainly affecting my quality of life. It was at this point that I came for a 45 minute session with Sheryl, who sat across from me, yet never put a hand on me. By the end, all the facial issues had disappeared and I left feeling like a new person." (J.F.-CT)

"Sheryl, thank you for joining me as a guest on my radio program, Energy Awareness. The listener response has been extremely positive. Actually, it beat every other show I've ever done. You brought me into the top 1% and I am forever grateful for that." (T-Love)

"I have had many readings from Sheryl and each time I come away with a feeling of peace and love and acceptance. It's not just the words that come through Sheryl but the experience of being one with her that is so profound. I can feel changes occurring throughout my being as she is speaking. Her gentle way is so soothing and I never feel judged by her. Many times I understand her reading in a certain way and then days or weeks later, I understand the true meaning of what she channeled. I honestly believe that Sheryl's gift has guided me to places that I may not have been able to get on my own. I am forever grateful for her love and insight." (Kathy - NJ)

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting Sheryl Blumenthal!  She was just lovely, and my reading was incredible.  She really gave me some tools for the future -- hope, love, happiness and determination!  Can't wait to experience even half of what my guides were pointing to!”  Daria, NJ
“I really enjoyed Sheryl’s reading.  It was so positive as to seem beyond the realm of the possible and yet possible all at the same time.  I felt a tremendous amount of energy during the session as well.  She really is quite adept!”  J.L., Lumberville, NJ

“I am always so in awe of "little one."  Sunday was my second visit with her this year and I had some questions about two relationships which she called, right on the money, and gave me great insight.  She is a fabulous vessel.  She and I have similar energies and we connect easily.  I look forward to her next visit.  Thanks for bringing her to Doylestown.”  Val K., Furlong PA

“Wow, another incredible Sunday morning! You light shines so brightly that it enfolds all of us. We are immensely grateful to you for bringing illumination and heart-centered angelic love into our midst. And, again, your messages were spot-on. It seems that they not only apply to the person you speak to, but also to everyone listening in the room. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your gift is a blessing. We will always be indebted to Susan Duval for bringing you to us.”  Reverend Hannelore Goodwin, Minister of the Circle of Miracles Interfaith Community, New Britain, PA

"Beneath a humble, sweet exterior, is the power of the Universe speaking through Sheryl. What a gift Sheryl is to the world.”  Edie Weinstein Moser, Dublin PA

“Sheryl’s sessions are amazing!  Her messages and insights are from a truly Divine source.  With her unique gifts, she gives a unified view of your current life’s situation and concerns and brings clarity, hope, and ultimately peace into your soul.  After my sessions with Sheryl, my body always feels lighter, my mind clearer, and my soul happier!  Sheryl’s inner beauty and light will transform you forever!!”  Betsy, NYC

“I always tell people that your sessions have saved me years of counseling with a shrink.”  Corin, New Jersey

Bring a flash drive or iPhone to record your session.  A tape recorder and tapes are also available.

36 N. Church St, Doylestown PA 18901
$110 for 30 minutes

$135 for 45 minutes

$170 for 60 minutes

Saturday, March 11, 2-5pm

Akashic Enlightenment--
Exploring Your Soul & Ascension in Your Akashic Records

This class goes over the Akashic Enlightenment method with preparatory meditation techniques and how to use the Akashic Enlightenment access prayer to open up your own Akashic Records for self enlightenment and Ascension. It helps you practice reading your Records for self enlightenment and Ascension with a focus on exploring who you are at a soul level and your own Ascension process including using an Ascension healing prayer.

Sherry Mosley is a San Francisco native. She comes from a long line of intuitive healers and medicine women. She is an empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient utilizing the healing modalities of Ancient  Japanese Acupoint Meridian Therapy, Moxabustion, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Shamanic  Healing, Usui Ryoho Reiki, Akashic Record reading and Light Language. Sherry has a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.  

$75   BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

Sunday, March 19, 3-5pm

Bridging Beyond Boundaries--Validating the Afterlife
Medium Roland Comtois and the Purple Papers

It is with great joy and excitement that I present to you, once again, Roland Comtois of Rhode Island!  All of his events are sold out everywhere he goes!  We had such a phenomenal experience with Roland in November!  Be sure to read the testimonials below!! 

Roland is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, spiritual medium and radio host who captivates his audiences with his uncanny ability to connect with the spiritual realm, sharing messages that have the power to heal.  
This will be an opportunity to meet Roland and see him in ACTION as he channels messages and demonstrates his incredible “Purple Papers”.  I know you will enjoy this special experience, and welcome him back to our community.   Let’s give him a warm welcome (while we can!) as his work is currently sought after by TV companies eager to showcase his signature Purple Papers.

Roland has daily conversations with people who have passed--souls who hope Roland will give their personal messages of love, healing and hope to the people they left behind. So important are these messages that Roland takes notes on Purple Papers that he carries with him, day after day, month after month, year after year, as he tries to FIND THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM THEY WERE WRITTEN.

Each one is detailed with specific information that only the recipient – and their loved one – would know and understand. Each one, dated at the time it was written, tells a story of a loved one. And each Purple Paper is tangible evidence of life after life--irrefutable proof that there is another Side. Perhaps you will receive a Purple Paper today!

Roland is the co-author of 365 Days of Angel Prayers, and the author of And Then There was Heaven, a memoir chronicling his own near-death experience, and 16 Minutes, a poignant personal journal about the last earthly moments between a mother and son, as well as a guidebook through grief.  He is also the founder of the Living Beyond Loss Expo, now in its 10th year.

In addition, Roland has over 30 years experience as a gerontology nurse, Reiki Master, metaphysical teacher and grief specialist. His expertise extends from the physical to the spiritual, as he shares healing modalities and messages that nurture and balance mind, body and soul.

His mission is to help people move beyond grief with love and hope, find comfort in life again, and discover that heaven and eternal love are real and always close at hand. The power of eternal love, as demonstrated through sacred channeled messages or documented on Purple Papers, has the ability to ease grief,  open the heart, heal the body, remove fear, expand  consciousness, and most importantly--give us the ability to live again.

Although Roland will do his best to give everyone a reading, it is not guaranteed.

“I attended an amazing session with Roland Comtois on Nov 20 in PA.  Roland is a very kind and loving medium.  I was BLOWN AWAY with the messages I received.  Information came through from my parents that was so welcome and so healing.  Also, there was a connection with my little daughter who passed many years ago.  Everything was RIGHT ON, down to a particular year that Roland mentioned!!  I am definitely hoping that Roland will return.”  Sharon Conway, Doylestown PA

“My experience was seriously priceless. I'm definitely glad I waited 18 years for the right person.  My father–in-law came thru in a huge way, and it was irrefutable. Definitely life changing!  It really was surreal. I’m still reeling from the experience, and feel blessed that I had the opportunity. I shared that I went to see Roland on Facebook and I can't tell you how many of my friends or family pleaded with me to take them next time he comes here. I can easily fill 10 to 15 spots guaranteed!!!!” Cara Budaj, Chalfont PA

 “I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing Roland Comtois. His ability to connect with the other side is unsurpassed by any other medium I’ve seen. He made us laugh (a lot), he made us cry (happy tears), and he gave us comfort knowing our loved ones are still with us. Roland is a wonderful human being filled with compassion. I cannot wait until you have him back. I have already told family and friends about Roland and I would go to see him again, whether or not I got a reading with him – he is that amazing!”  Kimberly R., Harleysville PA

“Roland was incredible!!!  I would love to see him again.“  Natalie Prince, Allenwood NJ

“Roland truly connects with his audience. I was overwhelmed with emotion not only when he read me, but also as he touched the lives of those around us.  He was right on the mark and said things that only were known to the person he was reading. He is also very emphatic in his delivery and gets the message across with compassion and kindness. To say that Roland is gifted would be an understatement.  He is such a sincere and genuine soul.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is searching for unresolved issues or wanting confirmation that your loved one is in heaven.  Bless you Roland!”  Maria Plass, Frenchtown NJ

$100  Limited to 23 people.  BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

Friday, March 24, 11am-8pm
Saturday, March 25, 11am-8pm

Private Sessions with Dino Calabrese: Intuitive Life Counselor, Channel, Psychic Medium

As a child, Dino heard the voices of Spirits and Guides, who gave him helpful information. In his thirties, he developed his awareness in order to assist others on their journey.

For the past 20 years, he has been a professional channel, psychic medium and intuitive life counselor, traveling all over the country helping people move forward in life.

Dino can connect with your guides and answer your questions regarding career, finances, relationships, and family, as well as connect with your deceased loved ones.

“Susan, I had to email you and tell you how much I enjoyed my reading with Dino today!  He was wonderful and picked up on my thoughts and feelings immediately.  He helped me see what I already knew in my heart, but gave me guidance on what I needed to do to accomplish my goals.  My only regret was that I didn't book an hour session!  Thank you again for suggesting I have my reading with him.  Your description of him was right on the mark and I loved him.”  A.M., Warminster, PA

“My reading with Dino was wonderful and insightful. I received answers to my questions and also received messages from departed loved ones. Totally enjoyable and helpful.”  Darlene O’Brien, Holland PA

“I just had an incredible and marvelous reading from Dino. I am stunned at the accuracy of the information. I have never had a reading as thorough as this before. I would highly recommend him. Thank you for providing this opportunity for me to have this reading from Dino.  I’m still like…wow!”   Ginny Fiorentine, Levittown, PA

“I had a phone reading from Dino and it was very enlightening.  He is very gifted.  He gave me much needed direction and encouragement to find joy in my life again.  I also got messages from my mom and grandmother from the other side.  Very special to me as my mom passed away when I was two years old and have always had a "hole in my heart" from her absence in my life.  Thank you for offering readings to us on that snowy day.” Jeanette, King of Prussia, PA

"Amazing!  Wonderful!   These words are understatements when describing my session with Dino.  He is an extraordinary life counselor and psychic medium.   I have seen many gifted psychics, some very well known who written books and appeared on national TV, but I can honestly say Dino is the only person I would highly recommend to EVERYONE!  He tells you what you need NOW and gives you messages from your guides and loved ones who passed over.  He has an uncanny way of providing you with the right perspective for nurturing and being the person you were meant to be.  Dino is insightful, intelligent, witty, expressive, but most of all, he fills your spirit and being with purpose, clarity, and abundant joy.  Thank you Susan for having Dino!"    Coleen, Jenkintown, PA

”My reading with Dino was a life altering experience.  He was wonderful!  When he found out I had a daughter, the very first thing he asked me was "is she pregnant?" and I immediately began to cry softly as she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for several months.  The next morning I received a call from her telling me she was pregnant.  I am going to be a grandmother! I'm filled with so much joy and love it is overwhelming.  "Thank you, Dino for changing my life that day. I needed to hear everything you had to say.”  Nan S. Doylestown, PA

“I just wanted to comment on Dino's reading today.  I was totally floored.  He was fantastic.  I would recommend him to everyone.  He communicated with spirits that have visited me in the past and then introduced me to new guides and spirits who came to give me messages.  He told me about one of my past lives which explains my love of art. :)  He was funny, loving and professional.  I can't wait to see him again.” Pam Wojtusik. Warminster PA

“Susan, I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with Dino’s reading, as was my friend. I think that he'd be a great addition to your offerings.”  Marji Powers, Newtown PA

“I am soooo grateful I listened to your recommendation about Dino. This reading has given me alot of peace and comfort in my heart.  He was wonderful and right on with everything.  It was the best I've had since my friend Carla who was alot like Dino, passed on in 2003.  I am so very grateful for this reading, it changed my life, and I am seeing things from a much higher place and peace.  Thank you so much for Dino. He is very gifted and really open to Spirit and vibration. I could just go on and on.  It was the best. Thank you. I will sleep much better tonight.”  Patricia R, Lebanon, PA

36 N. Church Street, Doylestown PA 18901
$75 for 30 minutes

$150 for 1 hour

Saturday, April 1, 6:30-9:30pm
Initiates of Mani: the Alchemy of Transforming Evil Into Good
Gene Ang PhD

This is an initiation class meant to help people remember their connection to the spiritual stream, started by the Being known at various times as Mani, Manu, or Melchizedek.  The Manichaeism stream is known as a redemptive stream and initiates of this lineage have dedicated their lifetimes towards transforming evil into good through love.

During this event there will be 3 main activities.  The first will be an in-depth discussion of the stream of Manichaeism and how it fits into your spiritual path in the modern age and beyond.  The second part is an activation calling upon the Spiritual Hierarchy and in particular the spiritual being of Mani to make a connection to this spiritual stream and to dedicate our mission towards helping humanity through the transmutation of evil into good.  The third part of the evening is a meditation in which this connection is strengthened in our column of energy through focus and will.

Highlights of the program include:
-A discussion of the different Ages of the Archangels and how we are currently in the Age of the Archangel Michael and moving towards the Age of the Archangel Oriphiel.  What benefits, trends, and expectations occur in these different Archangelic ages.

-What forms of hindering spirits and thought forms need to be transmuted on the path of Mani initiates.

-What are the various spiritual streams of initiates associated with thinking, feeling, and willing?  Determining which stream is yours.

-How our spiritual structure determines our destiny.  How to change this structure and thereby change our destiny.

-An invocation and activation to the Spiritual Hierarchy and the high initiate Mani to help connect us to this stream of loving transmutation

-A meditation to connect to the Angelic Hierarchy and Mani through the Pillar of Light running through the central core of our energy body.

-What parts of the energy field make connections to high spiritual beings.

-How spiritual beings communicate through rapid downloads of information into our field and how to unpack this information accurately and effectively.

-How group formation works through resonance and how groups of initiates can communicate to each other from an advanced state of awareness through the group’s morphic field.

-The question of evil and how it is to be transformed into good through love.

-Where is your spiritual stream’s recognition symbol located in your energy field.

-A discussion of the Fifth Moral Ether- a specific energy created by humanity through self-less service.

Please bring pens, pencil, notebook, eye covering, yoga mat, meditation cushion, blanket, and/or pillow for the evening activities as needed.  A mp3 recording of the meditation and activation are part of the program.

Mani & Rudolf Steiner: Manichaeism, Anthroposophy, and Their Meeting in the Future by Christine Gruwez

The Battle for the Soul by Bernard Lievegoed

Michael and the Two-Horned Beast: the Challenge of Evil Today in the Light of Rudolf Steiner’s Science of the Spirit by Bernard Nesfield-Cookson

The Transformation of Evil and the Subterranean Spheres of the Earth
by Sigismund Von Gleich

Gene Ang, PhD graduated from Stanford and then went on to Yale University, where he earned his doctorate in Neurobiology. 
An energy medicine practitioner based in California, he offers private healing sessions and teaches seminars that focus on the integration of science, spirituality and healing. 

$75  Shiastsu School, 6055C Kellers Church Rd, Pipersville PA 18947

Sunday, April 2--Wednesday, April 5 (4 days)  10am-6pm

Arcturian Healing Method, Level 4:  The Cosmic Shaman
Gene Ang PhD

The Arcturian Healing Method Level 4 continues in the practitioner’s development to become a clear channel of service on the planet.  The planet is in need of balancing on multiple dimensions and this work is an attempt to help alleviate this suffering.  The work at this stage centers around 3 clear goals: 1) entity removal 2) world service and 3) increased healing frequencies.

The entity removal program installed at this level works on multiple levels in the practitioner’s system. 
First, there are two days of transmissions (four 45 minute transmissions each day) that create a strong vertical link with the Divine.  Entity removal consists of the ability to dissolve unwanted crystallized thought forms, attached astral energies, and spiritual influences from another being.  Healers from all lineages universally do this by first bringing through the Divine energies and frequencies to do the actual removal.  The vertical linkage created by the transmissions in level 4 ensures this capacity and the safety of both the client and practitioner.

The intense series of transmissions experienced in these first two days also further steps up the light body or subtle bodies of the practitioner so that she can hold ever increasing high frequencies of light and information needed to remove entities from others. 
There is also an emphasis at this level on the further development of equanimity, vision, compassion, and level headedness necessary to do this type of work.  A complete discussion and self-development program along these lines is outlined in the training.

The next goal of the training is world service. 
There will be techniques and transmissions given on the remaining days of the training teaching ways to work either with Arcturian Healing guides and/or the practitioner’s own spiritual guides to consciously help areas on the planet in need of service.  This is done on the inner planes through these techniques.  Conscious change on these fundamental levels also requires a deep connection to the Divine as well as a strong link and trust with a person’s spiritual guides.

Finally, there will be two new healing frequencies and techniques given at this level:
1) Arcturian Etheric Acupuncture and 2) Acturian Scalar Wave Energy.  Both of these advanced techniques utilize existing healing frequencies established at earlier levels of the Arcturian Healing Method plus add another dimension and angle to be used in healing and transformation. 

Arcturian Etheric Acupuncture focuses healing frequencies and light into a concentrated form or etheric needle which can activate and transform energetic points in a client’s energy field. 

Arcturian Scalar Wave Energy uses a completely new set of frequencies compared to polarized energies which tend to be either energizing (yang) or supporting (yin).  The ASWE balances both polar energies simultaneously as it is delivered into a client’s energy field and can then be programmed at a distance with a specific or open intention.

Please bring meditation cushion, yoga mat, blanket, pillow, eye covering, notebook, pens, and pencils to the training as needed.  Workbook will be given as part of the training.

Requirements: Arcturian Healing Method Levels 1, 2, 3 and Initiates of Mani.

Gene Ang, PhD graduated from Stanford and then went on to Yale University, where he earned his doctorate in Neurobiology. 
An energy medicine practitioner based in California, he offers private healing sessions and teaches seminars that focus on the integration of science, spirituality and healing. 

Shiatsu School, 6055C Kellers Church Rd, Pipersville PA 18947
$700 by check to Susan Duval, 36 North Church St, Doylestown PA 18901.
OR $735 by credit card here.

Wednesday, April 5 at 1-4pm AND 6:30-9:30pm
White Buffalo Woman, Eve Kerwin
Channeling AND Healing: Small Group Session

Coming to us from Connecticut, Eve Kerwin is renowned worldwide as White Buffalo Woman.  Although she remains humble and approachable, Eve carries the same Divine Feminine imprint as Mother Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, and Eve, the wife of Adam.  She is an accomplished Shamanic Healer and Channel, bringing her clients profound messages of inspiration and guidance, working with each individual’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Limited to 12 people, this small group size will allow everyone to experience a shamanic healing AND to receive a specific channeled message from the masters, guides, angels or messengers who speak through Eve. Past lives are also frequently described, and how they relate to your current life situation. The beauty of the group setting, so that everyone learns from the messages that are shared.

In 1991, Eve experienced a series of personal challenges, which prompted her inward search.  During a period of deep meditation and intense drumming, the divine being White Buffalo Woman made her presence known, and has since guided and orchestrated her inspirational work for the benefit of humanity.  In addition, Eve’s spiritual gifts enable her to connect to the energies of the Archangels, exalted masters and guides, and at times to the Higher Self or Inner Child of the client.  

In all cases, what is being offered is the opportunity for growth and transformation. The messages that come through Eve can help you gain an understanding of your soul’s journey in relation to past lives, family, friends, spouses, co-workers or departed loved-ones. Eve offers assistance in understanding and overcoming your personal challenges and connecting to your true mission in life.

“White Buffalo Woman was fantastic!!!!!  I feel so light and airy and free from stress--very happy!!!  Can you get her again?  I have a few people who would like to attend.  I FEEL GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Haven't felt like this for a long time!!!!!!!!!!!”   N. B., Perkasie PA

“I was so taken back by the group healing session with Eve.  I had been wanting to do a past life regression for a long time. I had specific things I wanted to learn.  I never been to one of Eve's healings before, and she zeroed right in on a specific issue in a past life that I needed answers was truly an amazing experience!  I'm saving for when Susan hosts her again, as I truly would love a private session!!!”  Tessa O’Brien, Souderton PA

It is a great honor and privilege for me to host Eve and present her to you, here in Doylestown!  To learn more about the story of Eve’s life and the unfoldment of her extraordinary abilities, see this video or read The Awakening: The Life and Work of Eve Kerwin, White Buffalo Woman  available on

$125   Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Rd, New Britain PA 18901


Thursday, April 6       1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7pm
Friday, April 7             11, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7pm

Private Sessions with White Buffalo Woman

Your one hour session will begin with a 20-30 minute Shamanic Healing by White Buffalo Woman, who will work through Eve Kerwin with gentle hand movements around your physical body, focusing on the points of blockage or dis-harmony.  This is a form of energetic “re-wiring” and a clearing of the etheric body.  

Next, another guide will come through with a personalized channeled message for you. This being may be an Ascended Master, an Angel or Archangel, your own Higher Self or Inner Child.  After the message, you are encouraged to ask questions about issues that concern you, until the session is complete. Afterwards, you can receive clarification on anything that Eve has shared.

If you wish to record your session, please bring a tape, an iPhone, or pen/paper.
$250   36 N. Church St, Doylestown PA 18901

Saturday, April 8, 2-5pm

Akashic Enlightenment--Past Life Adventures & Knowledge

This class goes over the Akashic Enlightenment method with preparatory meditation techniques and how to use the Akashic Enlightenment access prayer to open up your own Akashic Records for self enlightenment and Ascension. It focus on you visiting past lives to see them in relationship to your Ascension process.

They will help you to prepare and ramp up your soul to go further in this lifetime making these cosmically challenging transitions easier at this time. This course also puts you in alignment with your relationship to God/Source/All That Is, clears energy to move forward on your Ascension path, allows you to see current connections for what they are making you and your soul understand of why you're here in this life and why certain people are in your life now.

Sherry Mosley is a San Francisco native. She comes from a long line of intuitive healers and medicine women. She is an empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient utilizing the healing modalities of Ancient  Japanese Acupoint Meridian Therapy, Moxabustion, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Shamanic  Healing, Usui Ryoho Reiki, Akashic Record reading and Light Language. Sherry has a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.  
$75   BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

April 28, 29, 30 from 9am-5pm

Death, Dying, & the Afterlife Intensive (Level 1)
Gene Ang PhD

In this training participants will learn and explore those states of consciousness in the dying and afterlife periods.  Drawing on extensive knowledge in various spiritual and shamanic traditions, participants will learn the areas in the subtle body to focus on during the dying period in order to effect the best possible transition (transference of consciousness).  Also, participants will learn how to do this for others who are dying or recently passed in order to help them during and after this transition period.

The second half of the training will explore directly those areas of consciousness inhabited after one has passed from the physical body.  Shamanic traditions call this the destiny of souls.  Participants will learn to lead the deceased to these safe areas of consciousness who might be lost in order to continue on their journey through life (soul conduction / psychopomp).  A strong motivation of service and compassion is the only prerequisite.

-learn and experience the dimensions of consciousness where you will go after passing from your physical body

-learn a framework to understand the different state of consciousness we experience in life, death, afterlife, and rebirth (the bardos)

-learn and experience how to guide those who have passed but are loss into appropriate realms in the inner world to continue their soul’s journey (soul conduction)

-learn the meditations and energy structures in your subtle bodies involved in the death process.

-learn and practice the meditative techniques to guide your consciousness through meditation to higher worlds

-learn how to guide others who are passing or recently passed to higher worlds through meditative techniques.

-learn and practice the mechanisms leading to your next rebirth or navigation in the inner world after death.

-learn how to use meditation as a practice for the death, dying, afterlife, and rebirth process.

-learn how to use sleep as a practice for the death, dying, and afterlife process.

No prerequisites.  Some shamanic journeying experience helpful.  

Please bring yoga mat, pillows, blankets, meditation cushion, notebook, pens/pencil, and eye covering as you want and need.
$525   Private home in Pipersville PA.  Exact location will be given to attendees.

Monday, May 1, 9am-5pm
Death, Dying and the Afterlife   LEVEL 2
Details to follow.

Saturday, May 13, 2-5pm

Akashic Enlightenment-- Ascension, Soul Lineages & Relationships

This class goes over the Akashic Enlightenment method with preparatory meditation techniques and how to use the Akashic Enlightenment access prayer to open up your own Akashic Records for self enlightenment and Ascension. It focuses you on seeing and understanding your soul lineages and relationships at a soul level and how they can assist your Ascension and self enlightenment process during these times of great cosmic evolution.

Sherry Mosley is a San Francisco native. She comes from a long line of intuitive healers and medicine women. She is an empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient utilizing the healing modalities of Ancient  Japanese Acupoint Meridian Therapy, Moxabustion, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Shamanic  Healing, Usui Ryoho Reiki, Akashic Record reading and Light Language. Sherry has a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.

$75   BSA, 1 Scout Way, Doylestown PA 18901

Saturday, June 17 through Weds, June 21 (5 days) 10am-6pm

Arcturian Healing Method Level 5:  The Arcturian / Metatronic Devices
Gene Ang, PhD

This level of the Arcturian Healing Method focuses on the creation of 5 energetic devices woven with the consciousness and energy of the Arcturians combined with the high spiritual being Metatron.  Metatron is a high spiritual being dedicated to raising the vibratory rate of creation.  The visual symbol representing this level is a double helix with one strand Arcturian and the other strand Metatronic. 

The work for these 5 days consists of 10 Crystal Device Transmissions (45 minutes each) in which you will work with the energy and consciousness of advanced Arcturian beings and Metatron.  The addition of invoking Metatron adds to the capacity to bring through more light from high spiritual realms onto the planet.

These 5 devices created out of energy and consciousness corresponds to 5 of your subtle bodies. 
These include 1) the physical body 2) the etheric (pranic) body 3) the astral body (emotional and mental body combined) 4) the causal body (karmic body) and 5) the spiritual body.  Once you receive the 10 Crystal Device Transmissions you will be able to channel healing frequencies based on the device’s function for yourself and others (ie. family, clients, and friends).

Each device has a main purpose.  The physical body device leads to maximum longevity and rejuvenation of the physical vehicle.  The etheric body device continuously cleanses and energizes the body made of chi/prana. This device in particular can have continuous channeling in the background if needed.  The astral body device allows for clearing of samskaras or emotional wounds/scars carried from lifetime to lifetime.  The causal body device allows for the burning or disintegration of karmic seeds.  The spiritual body device allows for the alteration and adjustment of soul time lines. 

The main reason for this level is to enable you to be a strong and efficient step-down transformer of the multi-dimensional frequencies from higher realms onto the planet. 
Your subtle bodies will have the combined energies and frequencies of the Arcturians and Metatron woven into them.  The 10 Crystal Device Transmissions will increase the vibratory rate of your subtle bodies usually seen as a color code of light.  This allows the subtle bodies to become a radiatory device on its own which increases the vibratory rate of all those who come into your field of awareness and the environment in general.

Summary of this training:
•    10 Crystal Device Transmission each 45 minutes long
•    40 page workbook outlining uses of the Arcturian/Metronic Devices
•    Directions on how to channel these new frequencies for yourself and others
•    Physical body device increases longevity and rejuvenation much like certain mantras and rituals can increase longevity
•    Etheric Body device continuously clears and energizes the energy field
•    Astral Body device allows for frequencies to dislodge long-term emotional and mental traumas
•    Causal Body Device burns karmic seeds
•    Spiritual Body Device changes soul timelines
•    Overall increase in your vibratory rate so that you become a vibratory device raising the frequency of others and the environment
•    A deeper connection to the Arcturians and Metatron.
Requirement: Arcturian Healing Method Level 4

Please bring meditation cushion, yoga mat, blanket, pillow, eye covering, notebook, pens, and pencils to the training as needed. 

Shiatsu School, 6055C Kellers Church Rd, Pipersville PA 18947
$888 by check to Susan Duval, 36 North Church St, Doylestown PA 18901.
OR pay $925 with a credit card here.

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